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The cruel trade with pregnant mare blood

Avaaz online action

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robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
1 6 Jan 2017
Pregnant horses are being brutally tortured, hooked up to blood-draining machines to extract a profitable hormone. It's horrific, the worst of how we treat our fellow beings -- but we can stop it.

The hormones are sold to EU factory farms to make other animals, like pigs and cows, get pregnant faster. It flies in the face of the EU's record of animal protection, but it's happening under the radar. If we shed light on this horror show, we can force the EU to ban the abusive horse blood trade for good.

It's so sad picturing these magnificent animals strapped in to machines and having the life drained out of them. Let's blow the cover off this scandal -- add your name and share with anyone you know that cares about these living, breathing beings:

It's straight out of a horror film -- the horses are impregnated, drained of blood, often forced to have abortions, then impregnated again. When their blood isn't being drained, many are beaten with wooden boards, whips, and electric prods. It's a sick cycle that sometimes only ends when the horse becomes infertile, or dies.

What makes it even more upsetting is how this torture is just another cruel cog in a billion dollar industry. Extracting blood for scientific advancement, especially when saving lives, is one thing. This isn’t saving lives. This is so factory farmers can maximize their profits when their animals aren’t ovulating fast enough for their liking!

The EU has among the highest standards for animal welfare compared to other countries, so it’s shocking that pregnant horse blood is making its way into EU factory farms unnoticed. That’s where we come in -- if we create massive global buzz around this issue, we can force them to make this issue a priority in 2017 and stop this torture for good!

Horses are full of beauty, grace and majesty -- it's hard to understand how people could be so cruel. But when we come together in massive numbers to protect animals from the horrors they face every day, we can do incredible things. Let's do it now for these horses who need us to be their voice more than ever.

With hope and determination,
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