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advoc8 advoc8 SA Posts: 179
1 23 Dec 2009
Anyone see the news tonight? TEN just had a short clip showing vision of a 'Japanese security ship' blasting the Seashepherd with a water canon.

They are illegally 'fishing' and do this.


Here's the story ...

RaV3N RaV3N WA Posts: 2152
2 23 Dec 2009
I saw a story about this in the paper earlier this week or last week... Sea Shepherd also said a boat has been following them since they left Freo and think they are telling the whaling ships where they are, so they can whale away.... the Steve Irwin was leading them into heavy iced waters to try and loose them. *High 5*

But yes... It's fricken horrendous that they are whaling and the only people out there actually trying to stop it are getting punished by them. Maybe the Steve Irwin shouldn't hesitate in retaliating with their water hose (I'm pretty sure they got one installed....)

Lauren Elizabeth Lauren Elizabeth QLD Posts: 93
3 23 Dec 2009
I  love Captain Paul Watson, he is such a nice down to earth person. One of the coolest activists I know.  Everyone should support their cause.

_Matt _Matt VIC Posts: 1567
4 24 Dec 2009
yeh, everyone should keep up to date with the SS website. they make regular loggs of what's going on.

their trying to do a number of things to lose the security ship tail, at least from when i last read.

paul's gonna try go through an ice field, as he believes he's a better navigator than his japanese counterpart, so believes he can lose him in the ice. a very risky move, as both ships aren't 'ice-breakers.'

the steve irwin was moored in french territorial waters, so as to wait for the security ship to pass as the japanese ship would have no right to be in french antarctic waters by law. however, the japanese ship didn;t seek permission and decided to venture into french waters regardless. the french government made it clear that the steve irwin was welcome, and that they supported its action to hold up the IWC's ban on commercial whaling.

the steve irwin later on moored in australian antarctic waters. again though, the japanese did not seek permission to be there and ventured into the waters, this time though taking a bolder step declearing they did not 'recognize australia's territorial area.' (i'm paraphrasing). this is a much bolder step as the japanese government has clearly ignored ours (and also to a lesser extent the french's) right as sovreign nations to do what we like.

it's time k. rudd does something. japan is clearly the aggressor, and clearly (as the much larger economy and nation) the bully in this scenario.

ChloeMB ChloeMB VIC Posts: 560
5 24 Dec 2009
Matt.  Y said:
it's time k. rudd does something. japan is clearly the aggressor, and clearly (as the much larger economy and nation) the bully in this scenario.
yeah, but most people in government tend to think that animal cruelty is a small issue compared to other things.... of course, they are wrong....

Lea Lea WA Posts: 82
6 24 Dec 2009
I got to go on the Sea Shepherd and get a quick tour of it when it was down in Fremantle. It was really good and even though the tour was real quick it still gave out heaps of info. OF course at the end heaps of people donated cans of vegan food for their next journey.
Great Excursionhappy