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Animal Justice Project's campaign against lab animals

Send e-mail to Bristol Univ in the UK

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robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
1 23 Feb 2017

Animal Justice Project and others have been requesting Bristol University provide answers with regards to their animal experiments since at least 2013. But the university has consistently failed to respond to Freedom of Information requests.

We have revealed that an extraordinary number of animals are suffering right now inside the university’s labs - rabbits, cats, mice, rats, birds, amphibians and pigs. Much of the research carried out on these animals will be funded by the tax-paying public. The very people who are being kept in the dark by Bristol University!

In 2015, Bristol University administered methadone to 12 cats to record their heat and mechanical pain sensitivity, and exposed the animals to over 55C with a heat device placed on their shaved chests. Last year, 218 rats were sedated and deprived of oxygen for over an hour whilst being kept in a chamber at a temperature of 36°. They were then resuscitated before being killed.

This is only a small insight into the horrific procedures Bristol University researchers are subjecting animals to right now! Please help us reveal information of the university’s practices by signing our petition.

Demand that Bristol University releases information about the animals in their laboratories!