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Saving for College

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Belle04 Belle04 Singapore Posts: 4
1 23 May 2017
Hi.  I now have a grade 8.  I thought of starting to save for her college recently but I don't know where and how to start.  Should I invest on something?  What do you suggest?

robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
2 23 May 2017
It all depends on how much you can save. 100% secure investment like
Singapore Saving Bonds at

or if you go to a reputable broker, Bonds AAA rated ie Government bonds or very big international company bonds.

Secure, low risk. Speak to a few (not one!) professionals.

Susan28 Susan28 NT Posts: 1
3 23 May 2017
Greetings! If you experience temporary difficulties with your finances, it is better to start working. Follow and see if you can be helpful there!

Jennifer19 Jennifer19 United States Posts: 3
4 24 May 2017
you can start by having a cash savings account or a child trusts fund. you can also have unit and investment trusts like the stock market, if you are saving over the long term for a child