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Let's talk about Okja!

Netflix original movie

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Butterfree Butterfree WA Posts: 64
1 22 Jul 2017
Firstly, I hope this hasn't been posted about before, I had a quick flick though to make sure I wasn't doubling up threads. I apologise if there is already a thread about this!

If you haven't watched/heard about the movie Okja, I EXTREMELY recommend it. I'll give a quick summary about it, so if you want to go into the movie blind, skip ahead. I'm not meaning to spoil it, but I'm about to mention the key plot points in the movie happy
It's pretty much about this big livestock corp that produces these giant pigs called 'Super Pigs', and ships 26 of them to local farmers in 26 different countries for them to raise over the course of ten years as some happy-farm advertising propaganda.
One of the pigs, Okja, was raised alongside a young girl named Mija, so they practically grew up together. 10 years later the corporation selected the best of the 26 super pigs (which turned out to be Okja), with the intention of flying her over to America to be paraded around and slaughtered for her meat. The whole movie pretty much revolves around the little girl Mija trying to rescue her piggy friend.

Anywho, this movie did not sugar coat ANYTHING! It was amazing, and an amazing eye opener for your average meat eater who wants to stay ignorant to what goes on in factory farms. It shines a light on 'livestock', and makes the connection between animals and meat beautifully.

What are your thoughts on it? pig

robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
2 23 Jul 2017
I have not see the movie but anything that shows the meat industry for what it is, should be applauded.

Iblissaustralia Iblissaustralia VIC Posts: 5
3 26 Jul 2017
Yes I watched a free streaming of it a few weeks ago. I loved it!!! Unfortunately most meat eaters dont like the movie but I have heard its turned some people vegetarian. It would work mainly for the younger ones, making them see the truth and not accept it anymore. My youngest wanted a ham subway after school today and I flat out refused! I wont buy it. Just so heartbreaking what animals are born into. 😭

Iblissaustralia Iblissaustralia VIC Posts: 5
4 26 Jul 2017

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