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Conspiracy theory

One way to look at it?

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Potent Bee Potent Bee VIC Posts: 10
1 4 Aug 2017
I am was watching what the health. My understanding/theory is if you eat meat, dairy n eggs u are helping the government make millions as their is poisonous stuff in these foods not only that lot of bacteria/toxins etc from animals and the sicker we get the more the government makes from medical expenses etc? Is the government trying to kill us quicker by having animal products cos they make millions out it?

robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
2 4 Aug 2017
Money, money, money
The beef industry is the largest agricultural enterprise in Australia, and it is the second largest beef exporter, behind Brazil, in the world. All states and territories of Australia support cattle breeding in a wide range of climates. Cattle production is a major industry that covers an area in excess of 200 million hectares. The Australian beef industry is dependent on export markets.

Wool, dairy,lamb all important export goods. (remember sheep and catttle are invasive species!)

How much money does the government get from alcohol and tobacco? How many people's health are effected by them?  

Government pays for healthcare so healthy people living a long time is a drain on pension resources but less of a drain on the health system under their life times, but .old people have higher health costs so and die young, and make the government happy!.