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Enviro group targeted by right-wing operatives using fake identities

League of Conservation Voters in California attacked

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robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
1 10 Aug 2017
From League of Conservation Voters

We have just discovered that operatives associated with extreme right-wing groups assumed fake identities to meet with our staff, our supporters, and other members of our movement over a period of several months.

These groups engage in deceptive tactics to obtain and distribute manipulated information to harm progressive organizations. They should know exactly who they’re dealing with.

The League of Conservation Voters has nearly 2 million members, and we have been a leading voice for environmental protection for nearly 50 years. We will not let them do this to our organization — and most importantly to the people and issues we advocate for.

We are proud of our work, and we won’t be intimidated.

We have notified the Attorney General’s office in California, where the activity began, and we may pursue legal action against these individuals and others associated with this fraudulent activity.

We have sought to publicize what we have uncovered to ensure that others know who these imposters are and can stop them if they try to infiltrate another organization.

We know that the groups practice deceptive, sham tactics and their secretly taped videos are selectively edited. We know that they are willing to break the law to further their surreptitious objectives.

We also know that we cannot let this distract from what matters most. Right now, we are facing an administration working to roll back progress on climate change, clean air, and clean water.

That fight has made us a target, but it has to continue. So I’m asking for your help, Robert.

Please share this email widely. We want everyone to know about these fraudulent and deceitful tactics and issue a warning to others about possible infiltration.

We’re relying on you to stand up for the environment - because it’s always worth fighting for what’s right.

Reported n the New Yorker magazine at

read the legal complaint at