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what are some good cruelty free makeup brands in australia

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DarkMagic75 DarkMagic75 VIC Posts: 2
1 13 Aug 2017
Hi, I am 15 and looking into buying some makeup as i need it for my Arts academy performances and to wear to work.  I am trying my hardest to only by cruelty free makeup so i was wondering if anyone knew of any good quality, cruelty free make up brands that are sold in Australia, preferably brands that you can find at priceline, so far i know of NYX and Australis. Please let me know about any good cruelty free brands. Thanks you anyone who can help, it means a lot

robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
2 14 Aug 2017
Choose Cruelty Free have a good list (vegan list too!)

clicky here

Butterfree Butterfree WA Posts: 64
3 17 Aug 2017
I use Natio, Napoleon and Australis happy

Jane88 Jane88 NSW Posts: 8
4 24 Aug 2017
I would also suggest the brand Inika. It's 100% vegan and certified by Choose Cruelty-Free. You can get their products here:

Kerry12 Kerry12 VIC Posts: 2
5 14 Jan 2018
Please don't use napoleon

Kerry12 Kerry12 VIC Posts: 2
6 14 Jan 2018
Choose cruelty free list is pretty up to date