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What work out there remains for me?

In alignment with my morals.

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AnthonyJohnDaniels AnthonyJohnDaniels VIC Posts: 1
1 6 Sep 2017
Hey. I'm sure, we are all here for the goodness of our planet and its species, so I am hoping anybody here can help with suggestions.

Recently entering the vegan phase from vegetarian, I find myself not stopping here. Giving much effort to create zero waste plus caring for nature, paying close mindful attention to my actions towards life.

This has me in a unique position when It comes to finding paid work. Turns out, I do need to eat. Where can I possibly work within a business that has:

NO - cruelty to any animal
      - inconsiderate work practices that negatively affect the environment
       - detrimental effects on my health & health of others

If such work is tough to find, then perhaps what is the lesser evil of all the evil businesses?

I am a young fit male who cares deeply for our Earth, currently staying in Victoria. '"

robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
2 6 Sep 2017
Welcome to the forum!

Two suggestions - enviro lawyer/politcal work to get legal support of enviro.

or - and this is not a joke suggestion - there is millions of tons of plastic & rubbish on the planet. Refuse/waste management/cleaning up the enviro would help more wildlife then you could guess.

good luck! happy