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Cow/calf friendly dairy


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Calf Calf Australia Posts: 3
1 26 Nov 2017
I want to answer a question someone asked about calf friendly milk. My morning starts off going into the paddock to collect the mother cows for milking.  The calves come to the dairy with their mothers, having had their morning milk. We take whats left. At the dairy the motgers willingly leave the calf behind to go into the dairy for milking. The calves are left to frolic around, eat grass, hay or pellets if they want. After milking the mothers are moved off to another pasture for the day. The mothers and calves both quiet and stress free. In the evening the mothers come back to the dairy with the calves waiting. The mothers only give us what they let us have, holding back some milk for their calves.  Mothers and calves are reunited to spend the night together.  Sounds like what most human parents do on a daily basis.  Our bull calves stay with the mothers between 4 to 6 months old when we have to sell them. Unfortunately the circle of life. We do not allow any electric prods to be used on our farm. So, hopefully I have answered the question asked. My question is will I get support in being able to sell my milk to a calf/cow friendly market? As all my desire to do the right thing as humanly as i can comes at a cost. I am only paid the same as any other supplier so yo compensate my farm loss I have to work full time also.

robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
2 27 Nov 2017
Sorry, friendly dairy does not exist.

Aisha Gabrielle Aisha Gabrielle VIC Posts: 2
3 27 Nov 2017
I can understand your thoughts behind it, but the milk the mothers produce is only meant for their babies. You are treating them with more kindness than most farms would, however, there is no knowing what happens to their babies once you "sell" them. I don't view milk as a necessity for our survival, and couldn't agree with the taking of it in the first place. But it does sound like you try to be kind to them.