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Curbs on plastic bottle and packaging waste sought by MPs

MPs are trying to tackle the rising tide of plastic waste in the ocean

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robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
1 23 Dec 2017

People should pay a deposit for using plastic bottles in an attempt to protect the seas from the "devastating effects" of plastic pollution, MPs say.

The House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) also wants free public drinking water fountains.

And it says firms using plastic packaging should pay more for the waste they create.

The government says it is consulting with industry on a deposit scheme, and charges for single-use plastics.

But the MPs say ministers need to review society's relationship with plastics as a whole.

They are proposing a sliding scale of taxes on plastic packaging.

They want suppliers of hard-to-recycle complex plastics to be charged most and firms using simple easy-to-recycle packages to pay least.

The MPs are trying to tackle the rising tide of plastic waste in the ocean, which has been described by UN Oceans Chief Lisa Svensson as a "planetary crisis".

EAC Chair Mary Creagh MP said: "Urgent action is needed to protect our environment from the devastating effects of marine plastic pollution which, if it continues to rise at current rates, will outweigh fish by 2050."

She added that the current levy on plastics producers only raised a fraction of the cost of dealing with plastic waste.

"Packaging producers don't currently have to bear the full financial burden of recycling their packaging," she said.

"By reforming charges, the government can ensure that producers and retailers will have financial incentives to design packaging that is easily recyclable - or face higher compliance costs."

The committee also proposes a minimum 50% recycled plastic content in plastic bottles to stimulate the recycled plastics market.

The Recycling Association strongly supports rules prompting packaging firms to simplify packaging and use fewer different types of plastics.

The Green Party's Amelia Womack said: "We need to design out waste from the very start of the consumer chain. That means ending production of single-use plastics while providing the infrastructure to enable corporations and individuals to recycle close to 100% of the items they use.

"Second, we need to invest in alternatives to plastic. There is a slowly rising network of zero-waste shops across the UK and companies like Splosh and Lush create products designed to have a limited or no impact on the environment.

robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
2 23 Dec 2017
Circularity for plastics!
**A message from Plastics Recyclers Europe: The 65 percent of plastic packaging recycling target can be attained by 2025, a newly published study by PRE shows. Substitution of virgin with recycled plastics would save 80 percent of CO2 emissions, generate 115,400 jobs and generate an extra €1 billion in economic benefit.**

Wednesday, December 13, 2017 - 09:58

A new study by Plastics Recyclers Europe shows that the 65% recycling target for plastic packaging is achievable by 2025. The study determines a set of measures and necessary tools that will result in attaining this recycling rate.

Proposed measures focus among other aspects on improving the quality and capacity of the sorting of plastic packaging waste across the EU. An additional measure, such as Design for Recycling would increase the recyclability of plastics packaging on the market and help to reduce sorting and recycling costs.

These measures would ultimately lead to an increased quality of the produced recyclates and ultimately rise consumers’ confidence in recycled products. This set of measures should be complemented with a strong communication across the plastics value chain and with a legislative push enabling higher uptake of recycled materials.

The study also highlights the environmental, societal and economic benefits of increased recycling rates. Substitution of virgin with recycled plastics saves 80% of CO2 emissions, creates 115 400 jobs and an extra one billion euros in economic benefits.

The proposed measures and the entailed benefits are clear indicators as to why the legislators should strongly keep pursuing the ambitious target to enable circularity for plastics.

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