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palm sugar

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LauraK LauraK VIC Posts: 77
1 25 Jan 2010
does anyone use it here?

I was just wondering how you find it, is it good? how do you prepare it too, do you just melt it? I've seen it in this asian shop in my area, it seems pretty cheap so I'm thinking about using it.

jack jack VIC Posts: 1463
2 26 Jan 2010
i havent but mum has
its tastes so good lol

Shorty Shorty QLD Posts: 479
3 26 Jan 2010
I have no idea how to use it but we made Klepon in indonesian at school ages ago which were really interesting and had palm sugar in them so yea you could google it and find a recipe

But basically Its a boiled rice cake, stuffed with gula jawa (palm sugar), and rolled in grated coconut, and its green..... i think its vegan but i'm not sure

I sort of liked them but i'm a really picky eater so they would probably be quite nice

...oh and the palm sugar in the middle of the klepon did actually taste really good happy