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Vegans warned about companies that also trade in 'animal exploitation'

Unwittingly supporting the milk and dairy industries'

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robert99 robert99 Sweden Posts: 1360
1 17 Jan 2018

Vegans warned about choosing products linked to companies that also trade in 'animal exploitation'

'We're sure that many vegans will be horrified that they are unwittingly supporting the milk and dairy industries'

Britain's growing number of vegans have been urged to be "savvier" when it comes to choosing products which are owned by companies with roots in the meat and dairy industries.

Ethical Consumer magazine has released a list of brands it says are owned by companies compatible with the vegan lifestyle, and a list of brands it says are owned by companies that are at odds.

It said that some of the best-loved vegan-friendly brands like Linda McCartney and Vitalite are owned by companies and umbrella corporations that trade on "animal exploitation".

However, some of that the brands in the cross hairs of Ethical Consumer are not directly marketed as being solely for vegans.

Among those being targetted are Alpro, Provamel and Soya Soleil, which are all owned by French food multi-national Groupe Danone, whose annual turnover is almost £19bn.

However, Ethical Consumer has labelled the firm, a "major player in the global fresh dairy products market", with products like Activia yoghurts also being made by the company.

Danone's website describes the company as being a producer of "essential dairy and plant-based products".

Pure produces dairy and gluten free spreads including soya, sunflower and olive, which are suitable for vegans.

However, Ethical Consumer pointed out that it is owned by the Kerry Group, an Irish-based billion pound company whose other well known brands include Richmond's sausages, Wall's sausages, Cheesestrings and Dairygold.

And in fact, in 2016 Pure rolled out a selection of ready meals that included green Thai chicken curry and Singapore chicken noodles.

Vitalite’s owners Dairy Crest also produce a wide range of cheeses and butters, including Cathedral City and Clover.

Ethical Consumer's research also uncovered links between the meat industry and Linda McCartney.