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Are we being poisened ?

True or False ?

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Potent Bee Potent Bee VIC Posts: 12
1 22 Sep 2018
Hi there,
I would like a straight answer of yes or no.

Are we being poisoned by the government by eating animal products? If we get sick by consuming the products,  they make millions in pharmaceuticals? that is my line of thinking. am i wrong for thinking this?

Aisha Gabrielle Aisha Gabrielle VIC Posts: 2
2 18 Oct 2018
It’s not the government. It’s the bigger industries and organisations that pay the government off which are doing the dirty work. I think you’re on the right track though. Basically these big companies give money to the government, and if the government tries to change anything, they threaten the government by not paying them.

We give money to these companies by buying their products, they give money to the government so the government allows them to do whatever they want.

It’s all conspiracies though.

Also, we have to remember, they will never make money from people getting better, they make money from people being sick.