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the sustainability secret

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maya77 maya77 VIC Posts: 3
1 3 Dec 2018
I know this documentary isn't new or anything, but I recently finished watching it and it is amazing and Kip Anderson describes everything in a way that anyone can understand and be inspired to make a difference. Cowspiracy is about how animal agriculture is destroying our planet, is the main cause of global warming, animal extinction, water depletion, ocean dead zones, deforestation, destabilization in communities, world hunger and why everyone are hiding the sustainability secret. If I wasn't vegan already I would have definitely become vegan after that, and what I really like about this documentary, is that unlike other movies trying to make you vegan, it doesn't show you much disturbing footage, instead, it was mainly facts. I thought it was Cowspiracy was magnificent and inspiring so I ask you to watch it on Netflix or go to