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CCF vs PETA vs companies that claim theyre cruelty free.

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SueM SueM VIC Posts: 28
1 27 Dec 2018
Just a quick word about the products we are choosing to use. Be aware of companies that claim they are cruelty free but are not accredited. There could be testing involved somewhere on the line. This includes products that have a cruelty free label (apart from the CCF bunny) Apparently anyone can stick a cruelty free label on their product, doesnt mean they are.
CCF (choose cruelty free) are super careful of who they approve. They have the strictest requirements for approval. I only use products on their list to be on the safe side.
I have spoken to them about PETA and theyve told me that PETA is a lot more lax with their requirements for approving a company. For example PETA doesnt look at whether the ingredients a company uses in their product are previously tested on animals. Theyre still great to go by l think but not as safe as CCF.
I manage to buy all my products at pricleine/chem warehouse (except for perfume)  banana

SueM SueM VIC Posts: 28
2 30 Dec 2018
Another one is that companies who dont test may be owned by companies who do as was the case with the Body Shop being owned by L'Oreal. Peta doesnt look at this when approving a company. CCF does.

SueM SueM VIC Posts: 28
3 12 Jan 2019
Also beware of companies with cruelty free labels selling into china. Im not sure if Peta approves them or not...does anyone know??