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Have You heard about pangolins?

Written by my 8 year old brother

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jmspencer jmspencer NSW Posts: 15
1 29 May 2019
Pangolins are very unique and endangered, they aren't talked about that much but still need our help. There are only 100 or less in the wild, these animals have their scales used for medicine, coats and jewellery.
Pangolins are sometimes eaten in soup and other meals.
there are 8 types of pangolin in the world!!!!

SueM SueM VIC Posts: 45
2 20 Jun 2019
Oh wow! Ive never heard of them. Of course they are 'used" for something....isnt every sentient creature. Arrgghh makes me so hopping mad! Thanks for sharing.
To your 8 year old brother....thats so well written and very caring of you. The pangolins will thank you for it  thumb


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