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What i want to be when i grow up ?

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RawVegan RawVegan QLD Posts: 10
1 30 Jan 2010
I dont know if this should go in the Cruelty-Free Living section but here it goes...

Ok, so ive wanted to help animals and environment for a long time, ever since i could comprehend that kind of stuff(6yrs old), and when i was 11 i thought about becoming a vet, for starters.. The thing is as i grow older(14 now) it seems like i wont be able to no matter how much i want to... scared

I am in yr 8 and there is biology in the science section obviously, i havent gotten around to disecting anything. and i dont know if i will have to to pass, and if i dont pass , i wont be able to be a vet.. because you have to study the animals anatomy and stuff, in highschool and uni.. I dont want to go anywhere near poor dead animals.. and if i did have to, i would be supporting animal cruelty and killing animals because the school would have had to pay the people to kill the animals for me to study them... sad

I dont know if i have to actually cut open animals and observe the anatomy that way or they give me charts to study... does anyone know ?

If i have to.. my only option is to 'share' with someone in my class... so technically im not supporting anything- the other person is, the person that wont change his/her ways no matter how hard i try... is that a good idea, if i have to do that stuff...? or dont i have to do that stuff to get a degree and help animals by being a vet...?

I want to be more than a vet to help animals etc, but thats my main to start off with... I might as well get all the facts now if i cant, and change while theres still time..

Anyone know ?

thanks... bye scared sad

Nelly! Nelly! QLD Posts: 237
2 30 Jan 2010
Hmm that is so tough, first things first.
Do you 100% want to be a vet?
I thought I wanted to once upon a time but then I realised that I can't handle the fact that sometimes you have to put animals down and most animals you treat are injured or sick, I just came to the conclusion my heart wouldn't be able to handle it.
But if you can definately get past that and still want to do it, is there any teachers or vets you can speak to? To get any idea of ways around the terrible practical stuff you have to do to get your degree?
Unless you bite the bullet and think "you have to be cruel to be kind"
I don't know it is a tough one!

4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 SA Posts: 3293
3 30 Jan 2010
bit of a dilemma there... when i was thinking about doing biology i asked about that and the teacher said they would find an alternate program for me if i couldnt handle dissection, maybe your school would do the same? i havent actually done biology but that is what the teacher said so surely yoou could convince your teacher to do that maybe?

_Matt _Matt VIC Posts: 1567
4 30 Jan 2010
School - don't dissect. If your rents sympathize with you, get a note. If not, object. You can find the info you need in videos, photos etc online.

Uni - don't worry too much. 5 years is a long time, and hopefully we will have secured change in terms of pointless vivisection/dissection. And if not, when you're older it will be far more easier. Kick up a fuss with the ALV and make a media event out of it! hahahah

But yeh, whatever you do, don't dissect! No animal is worth killing, no matter the end result! And if you're willing, use your objection to highlight the cruelty involved in the dissection business to your class.

goooooood luckkkkkkkkk happy

emileee emileee NSW Posts: 514
5 30 Jan 2010
Year 8 ?
Gosh im in year 12 and still dont know what i want to do yet ..

I wanted to be a vet when i was little, i think every kid does but i have to agree with nelly .. it would be to sad to have to put an animal down, even if it was the right thing to do i just couldnt make myself do it cry

With the disection thing i do biology and i havent had to disect anything, And they cant fail you because you didnt disect, its not like a core componet, well its not at my school anyway
And also i know you need an UAI/ATAR of 98 just to get into a course. Thats like more then you need to be a docter :S

pitterpatter pitterpatter QLD Posts: 376
6 30 Jan 2010
Well done on actually thinking about it!  When I was at high school we cut up cow hearts, livers, eyes and lungs and toads without even batting an eyelid.

I've been thinking about finding some alternatives too as I may have to do some stuff at uni.

I googled for some alternatives you can tell your teachers about and found the following:

Eye dissection:

frog Frog dissection:

Packs your school can buy if they want to change their program so that they don't use animals anymore:

I'm sure there are a lot more resources around but I'm barely functioning on 3 hours of sleep :p.

Kirrilly Kirrilly VIC Posts: 2092
7 31 Jan 2010
I seriously don't know of any school that would fail you if you didn't dissect o.o

Uni however might be different but that's a while off and they should have alternatives anyway :S

You'll be fine happy

ckimana ckimana NSW Posts: 2545
8 31 Jan 2010
Kirrilly said:
I seriously don't know of any school that would fail you if you didn't dissect o.o

Uni however might be different but that's a while off and they should have alternatives anyway :S

You'll be fine happy
Yep definately! Just speak to the teacher (or the principal if the teacher doesn't listen) and explain to them that you are veg and don't want to contribute to animal cruelty. And offer to do another assignment to compensate.

I was on another forum where some vet students said it's the same at Uni too. So nothing to worry about! happy

Cj Cj NSW Posts: 378
10 31 Jan 2010
Azzmilan said:
sorry for my ignorance but wats bad about dissecting?
coz for bio this year i got to do it.
Your cutting up an animal.

Do you really want to do that?
Do you HAVE to do it, or are you going to do the better option of getting a note from your parents stating they wouldn't like you to do it.

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