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Green Earth Festival

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Angela Angela QLD Posts: 2
1 12 Mar 2010
Animals Australia will be there!. Green Earth Festival is on is Brisbane tomorrow at the Botanic Gardens. It is completely vegan! It starts at 10 am. There are bands, speakers and music and much more. Here is the site:


Nelly! Nelly! QLD Posts: 237
2 12 Mar 2010
I will be there at the Animals Australia tent, I have made vegan chocolate coconut balls and mini cupcakes to give away!!
I hope everyone in Brisbane can make it!

Tink Tink QLD Posts: 100
3 13 Mar 2010
I think i've convinced the bf to come up there with me! Yay!  clap

strutty strutty QLD Posts: 87
4 13 Mar 2010
Damn my wisdom teeth and them having to come out. was so so looking forward to going. How did it all go?! The line up of speakers looked incredible...

april-san april-san QLD Posts: 368
5 14 Mar 2010
It was awesome, definitely worth going to! There were so many different organisations there, it was great to learn more about them and be surrounded by so many like-minded people happy
Didn't see any of the guest speakers though.