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Vegan in Kalgoorlie

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Nakita Nakita WA Posts: 5
1 19 Mar 2010
So I live in Kalgoorlie at the moment but am moving to Fremantle next month.  I am the only vegan I know and find this extremely hard.  Also, Kalgoorlie has very limited resources for vegans which realy sucks.  But on the plus side of things I love being a vegan and am living a pretty happy life.  I am a kiwi and have been here for a year and a half, I am really looking forward to moving to Freo and being able to go to vegan restaraunts and buy this thing that everyone raves about called vegan cheese!!  That is correct, we do not have vegan cheese here, nor do we have  most specialty vegan products for that matter, so feel like I am going to embark on a whole new world when I move!!  Also, does anyone else find it frustrating when people ask you over and over "wow, so what do you eat, just fruit and vege??"

2 19 Mar 2010
Yeah, I used to get asked that all the time.

"well.... then what CAN you eat?!"

I moved from a small town to Perth, and there's really not that much difference in the foods I can now buy. Apart from Cheesly, everything else I could source, strangely enough. There are a few vegan restaurants.. but not many. I would still much rather make my own food. I really don't trust restaurants tongue

Nakita Nakita WA Posts: 5
3 20 Mar 2010
Yeah I agree, I much prefer to make my own food and there is so much yummy stuff that you can make!!  It is quite disappointing to think that so many people think there is nothing to eat if you do not eat animals  confused

Bring Jess the Horizon Bring Jess the Horizon WA Posts: 60
4 20 Mar 2010
I know how you feel. I live in a small town - not even 1000 people live here, it's pretty much Boganville. I'm lucky to get mock meats & soy milk, no luck finding soy cheese or anything similar. It's SO hard socially, I know about 3 vegetarians, no vegans. All I can say is, stay strong. I just ignore the ridicule, it just shows how selfish & ignorant they are.  butterfly

Nakita Nakita WA Posts: 5
5 20 Mar 2010
Thanks for that, is nice to know there are people in the same boat as me  wave