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Tofu Hunter....

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Francis Francis VIC Posts: 286
1 17 May 2010

ADMIN EDIT: Here's the game this is referring to:

Karen Karen Australia Posts: 993
2 17 May 2010
Unleashed Admin
I'm a game designer myself, and I think this one is really well made. Plus it's got a kicking soundtrack, and a good sense of humour happy

Tanyaka Tanyaka VIC Posts: 1219
3 17 May 2010
I like that it's being a bit funny and vegan! It is very cool looking.

But, they are tooo cute. There's too much life in the little fellas, I feel too mean killing them. Maybe if they spurted chunks of tofu instead of blood? tongue

I'd love a game that was like.. Factory Farm Rescue! And you have to get into farms and break free all the poor animals. Or for a shoot em up, shooting the hunters!!! Yeaaaaa!
I have my alliances. tongue

Truc Truc VIC Posts: 85
4 17 May 2010
oh thought it was a vegetarian who eats tofu and then goes hunting for deers or something  confused