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Cannibal Snails

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Sofia Sofia NSW Posts: 10
1 9 Jun 2010
i hawaii there was a type of snail that was massive and ate all the gardens then they found another snail that was cannibal to try get rid of the mass snail but it ate the wrong snail. what is with this planet next (cannibal snails)!!!!!???? huh

2 9 Jun 2010
well we have blood finches on the galapagos islands aswell, they're pretty cool.

Sofia Sofia NSW Posts: 10
3 9 Jun 2010
Awsome dance

leticia-porth leticia-porth NSW Posts: 151
4 12 Jun 2010
cool. happy

Lachlan the animal lover Lachlan the animal lover NSW Posts: 55
5 24 Jun 2010
Cannibal snails HA thats new lol Yer remember sofia we watched the cannibal snail thing in geography ti was funnt and how HUGE are that gaint snails their MASSIVE I used to have snails as pets when i was young! they where awsome!