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Why test on animals when there are people in prisons?

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Sammmmmiiiiiiiie!!! Iloveyoouu Sammmmmiiiiiiiie!!! Iloveyoouu SA Posts: 18
1 11 Jun 2010
Why do scientist test on animals when there are murders and pedophiles in prisons to test on!angry  Those people need to be taught a lesson.... furious

Tanya M Tanya M VIC Posts: 741
2 11 Jun 2010
Oh my goodness, there's a can of worms for humanitarians!

Kirrilly Kirrilly VIC Posts: 2092
3 11 Jun 2010
oooooooh lordy. I don't want to get involved in this one, haha. But no.

We aren't savages - or at least, we don't want to aim to be. What animals go through during testing procedures, no one should have to be subjected to that.
Murderers etc have made mistakes, and need to face consequences, but jail is the way to go. Most criminals can be rehabilitated so they can become contributing members of society again, but we left torture behind a while ago. For humans, at least.

kim. kim. SA Posts: 214
4 11 Jun 2010
Well testing on animals is bad, testing on humans who have made bad decisions is bad too. They have made a mistake and are being taught a lesson by spending all day for years, locked in cells, regretting their cruel ways and hoping t be given a chance to get out of prison and get back into the community. Humans are animals toohappy

veganx veganx QLD Posts: 200
5 11 Jun 2010
Animal testing is pointless. We are all different, our bodies work differently and respond in different ways. What might have not effect on a dog, or rat, or primate may kill or make a human unhealthy. So even when they do all their testing on animals and they think the product is safe... guess what?! The humans who buy those products are really 'human guinea pigs' so to speak. As time goes by they realise hey, this causes cancer ect... products made for humans should be tested on humans.

Randomzz Randomzz United States Posts: 144
6 12 Jun 2010
if we are trying to stop animal testing why would we try it on humans? its like a reverse. humans are living things too you know. testing should just stop, just stop.

pitterpatter pitterpatter QLD Posts: 376
7 12 Jun 2010
Humans are animals are too, like everyone's already said. They are already being punished by being in the prison system.   There are plenty of alternatives to testing available at the moment including computer models, using cell cultures and a few others I can't remember off the top of my head.

StephVeganXO StephVeganXO QLD Posts: 124
8 12 Jun 2010
i think repeat offenders like rapists etc and people that cant / dont want to try to get back to normal should be exposed to it, i agree that whats the point of testing on animals when they are so different from humans, what affects a rabbit might not affect a human etc...
i dont know why we have it in the first place theyre is plently of companies that have found other ways around it!

leticia-porth leticia-porth NSW Posts: 151
9 12 Jun 2010
i actually agree if there going to test on something it should be someone who did something wrong and deserves it
like  a pedofile or a guinea pig what would u rather hurt?