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when you go to the beach....

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Aleex Aleex SA Posts: 16
1 15 Jun 2010
when you go to the beach how many people do you see with dogs.
some people make there dogs go in the water when they dont want to go in.
that is mean.
some people take there dogs in the water when they cant swim and try to make them swim and stuff like that.
Dogs can also get sand in there eyes and people just egnore them and there distress. sad

kim. kim. SA Posts: 214
2 15 Jun 2010
my dogs drink the ocean when i go to the beachhappy Lol they love the water!!

.ellehcoR .ellehcoR VIC Posts: 663
3 15 Jun 2010
I'm very lucky to have a large proportion of my family living at Torquay... so we frequently go there evey couple of weeks. Of course Charlie comes with us and he absolutely LOVES IT.

Most people that live around the beachy areas have companion dogs and this is no exception at Torquay. Although there are restrictions on what times dogs can be off-lead and Charlies not a fan of the waves, he always loves to play with the other dogs, run around in the sand and dig holes that lead to China happy

RaV3N RaV3N WA Posts: 2152
4 15 Jun 2010
I take my dog in.... otherwise she won't get out over the break. Then she swims around. The other one jumps over waves and swims around and carries on like a mental case LOL.

emileee emileee NSW Posts: 514
5 15 Jun 2010
My dog is a big scaredy cat happy

He HATES anything to do with water .. I have to admit though, im one of those people who try to make their dogs go in the water.

He'd much prefer to just chill on the sand and chase the odd seagull

veganx veganx QLD Posts: 200
6 15 Jun 2010
My dog loves the beach. He is always covered in sand when he leaves and swallows to much sea water and threw up in my car once.. Ha

But he swallows took much seawater cos he jumps over waves as they are breaking and when he get kinda far out he catches white water back in.. And then does it over and over. Its pretty funny to watch. People always stop and watch him. Id say his favorite place is the beach. And we go running, and dig in the sand.. He does lots of funny things at the beach.. Pretty sure I need to video him.

Mondayschild Mondayschild WA Posts: 1452
7 17 Jun 2010
My doggies love the beach, but not the water. They dodge the tide.

Randomzz Randomzz United States Posts: 144
8 18 Jun 2010
people do it to teach their dogs to swim well i guess.(ive never seen it though)  , but i usually see dogs running around enjoying the water and digging holes