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Kangaroo Cull in ACT to happen... Again.

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Brendon Brendon NSW Posts: 1212
1 18 Jun 2010
he ACT Government wishes to advise that areas within the Canberra Nature Park will be closed from 6 pm Saturday 19 June 2010 to 6 pm Saturday 31 July 2010 to allow for the controlled culling of over-abundant Eastern Grey Kangaroos.
The sites to be closed are Callum Brae Nature Reserve, Crace Nature Reserve, Goorooyarroo Nature Reserve, Jerrabomberra West Nature Reserve, Kama Nature Reserve, Mount Painter Nature Reserve, Mulligan’s Flat Nature Reserve and unleased territory land adjacent to Kama Nature Reserve.
“The cull of up to 1890 kangaroos is needed to maintain kangaroo populations at appropriate levels to protect the integrity of ecosystems, several of which contain endangered flora and fauna,” said Director, Parks, Conservation and Lands, Russell Watkinson. “The numbers to be culled have been based on kangaroo counts in each location.
“Ensuring the grasslands and woodlands are not overgrazed will protect threatened species and ecosystems, provide habitat for creatures such as ground-feeding birds, prevent excessive soil loss and maintain sustainable numbers of kangaroos.”
Mr Watkinson said the kangaroos will be humanely culled by experienced marksmen.
"The cull will be conducted according to a strict Code of Practice that has the endorsement of all relevant authorities including the RSPCA. Rangers and security staff have been engaged to patrol the areas to ensure the safety of the public with warning signs also being installed at all entry points to the reserves.
“The cull is part of the recently released Kangaroo Management Plan which sets out the ACT Government’s approach to managing the environmental, economic and social impacts of kangaroos to ensure their numbers are maintained at a sustainable level into the future.
“In some cases the cull is a follow-up to one undertaken last year in sites recommended by the Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment’s report on the Inquiry into Lowland Grasslands in the ACT. The cull is also taking place in grassy woodland sites where research monitoring indicates overgrazing by kangaroos is having a detrimental impact.”
Further information is available from Canberra Connect on 13 22 81 or from

Points to remember:
* The greatest threat to our native Grasslands and Woodlands is not
kangaroos - It's human activity!
* We continue to close off green corridors with new housing estates and
expressways fragmenting the Nature Parks leaving wildlife nowhere to roam. Until the Government recognises this and re establishes corridors, the bloodshed will never end.
* The continual indiscriminate slaughtering of healthy kangaroos is creating an 'ecological depression' which could push the kangaroo over the edge to extinction. (An ecological depression is where a species critical mass is reduced to where the species can no longer survive due to factors such as a compromised gene pool and disease)
* Until a truly 'humane' way of handling baby kangaroos can be found, no
further slaughters should be allowed. When a female kangaroo is shot, any 'in pouch' babies are killed by bashing their heads in. Also, as shooters have difficulty locating 'at foot' kangaroos (these are baby kangaroos still dependant on their mothers), whose mothers have been shot, these babies will most likely die a slow painful death from starvation, dehydration or predation.
*The hypocrisy of the ACT Government as they keep blaming the kangaroos for all our woes yet continue to approve projects over the top of grassland/woodlands such as:
- 73 hectares red/yellow box to be destroyed in West Hume
- Canberra Airport runway extension dissecting earless dragon colony
- Canberra Airport freight, shopping and office hubs built over and
dissecting grasslands
- Proposed Cowan Expressway dissecting grasslands
- New and extended AFP training facility over Majura Grasslands
- Dept of Defence Majura Training Area extended due to the increased volume
of Defence training and traffic
- Symonston Long Stay Caravan Park debarkle where land of high grassland
value was sacrificed as compensation to developer
- Lawson Housing estate to be built over endangered colonies in the water
tower section of the BNTS site
- Decontamination earthworks at the BNTS site wiped out tracts of grassland
- Irreversible damage done to BNTS Grasslands by vehicles driven
continuously across the grasslands to round up and slaughter kangaroos
- New mega housing estate at Downer destroying more grassland/woodland
habitat that backs onto Nature Park
- Where are the 'Friends of Grasslands' and 'Limestone Plains Group of
Scientists' on these issues?


Clud Clud VIC Posts: 1559
2 18 Jun 2010

Clud Clud VIC Posts: 1559
3 18 Jun 2010
What should we do?

Courtney_1 Courtney_1 VIC Posts: 335
4 18 Jun 2010
This is ridiculous!
I went and told my mum about it and I broke out into tears. They are going to make the kangaroos become more extinct than what they already are. It's not the kangaroo's destroying the land as stated above ^.

I wish there is something I can do to help. I really do. cry

Brendon Brendon NSW Posts: 1212
5 19 Jun 2010
I don't know what we're going to do/should do. I think that since we can't stop them being killed at the very least we should protest...
If (more likely when) they go ahead with the killing someone(s) should go and collect the joeys and organize for them to be looked after at a shelter somewhere in The ACT.
I dunno... Anymore ideas?

Megan5 Megan5 VIC Posts: 4
6 21 Jun 2010
I hate to say it but as much as many of us would like to go and save the orphaned joeys, it is illegal in the the ACT to care for(or save) an Eastern Grey.The RSPCA has a no save policy.
This is part of Canberra's disgusting "Kangaroo management plan". courtesy of Don Fletcher, aka the butcher.
For those who do not wish to risk a fine by entering the parks, the best thing to do is get out there and PROTEST!!!!
There are so many ignorant ppl in Canberra who are simply uneducated or just plain unaware of what is actually going on in their own backyard.
Please don't think that there is nothing that can be done. There is power in numbers, and you can only be counted if you get out there and make a stand.

Megan5 Megan5 VIC Posts: 4
7 21 Jun 2010
Can I just add to the above .....just becuse they introduce a ban on saving joeys (without proper community consultation or input), it is not to say that it can't be done....

Catty-corner Catty-corner SA Posts: 111
8 21 Jun 2010
Please vote!

Q: Is the ACT Government's planned cull of about 2000 kangaroos over the next six weeks necessary?

Yes, they're a threat to endangered plant and animal species.

No, it's cruel and unwarranted.
Total Votes: 1171

sophie1 sophie1 Australia Posts: 1
9 23 Jun 2010
Protest outside legislative assembly on friday at 12:15pm happy Wear black

Brendon Brendon NSW Posts: 1212
10 23 Jun 2010
sophie1 said:
Protest outside legislative assembly on friday at 12:15pm happy Wear black
LOL, I started a topic about it and no one replied...

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