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Vegan tacos with chickpeas?

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MissMadiD MissMadiD VIC Posts: 77
1 1 Jul 2010
I want to run this idea by you guys before I completely ruin tonights dinner!

I've been craving tacos or burritos for the past few weeks but I have no idea how to make them. My idea is to buy some organic canned chickpeas and put them in a pan with some seasoning and use them as my 'meat', then have the usual lettuce, capsicum, tomato, salsa ect on-top?

Mondayschild Mondayschild WA Posts: 1452
2 1 Jul 2010
I have used TVP to replace mince, and them made the tacos in the usual way happy I've also had tacos with baked beans which wasn't too bad. Im not sure about chickpeas, it would probably taste good, just not typically taco-ish. Black bean burritos are also delish.

xgronox xgronox VIC Posts: 107
3 1 Jul 2010
i would use black beans instead of chickpeas. black beans in any mexican dish is amazing

Ellim Ellim United Kingdom Posts: 480
4 1 Jul 2010
I use red kidney beans, toss them in taco seasoning and hey presto: burritos!  I think chickpeas would be fine if that's what you've got.  Maybe half mash them up, so they are more the consistency of refried beans, that will help them 'stick' into the tacos.

But, I agree with the black bean suggestion too.  Often I have multi-bean burritos: spicy red kidney, refried and plain black beans.  My husband puts the Fry's chicken style strips in his, as another suggestion.

Brendon Brendon NSW Posts: 1212
5 1 Jul 2010
TVP or nutmeat by Sanitarium would work best.

ShadowDoubt ShadowDoubt QLD Posts: 753
6 1 Jul 2010
i just use mexi-beans and refried beans and add seasoning, then stuff on top happy

Tink Tink QLD Posts: 100
7 1 Jul 2010
I use the Sanitarium 'mince' (in the cold section at Coles) for tacos, and I use a sweet potato/red onion recipe for burritos. Can't find the recipe for the burritos at the moment, but if I find it again i'll post a link.

afimelb afimelb VIC Posts: 141
8 1 Jul 2010
ugh i love mexican and have tried everything .... i like amys organic beans in a can but its pricey. try having solid beans mixed with mashed beans in the mexican section. the mashed beans are flavored and yum. chickpeas could work aswell as long as you season and maybe add some pinto beans

9 1 Jul 2010
i use corn, grated carrot and sweet potato, onion, garlic, lentils and refried beans, it holds together really well and works great as a mince for either happy

ckimana ckimana NSW Posts: 2545
10 1 Jul 2010
Wow, everyone's got great ideas! I've gotta try them!

For tacos I use tinned 4 bean mix, taco sauce, onion, lettuce, tomato and Parmazano on top.

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