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Zoos Victoria under fire for anti-palm oil campaign

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Ruin Ruin VIC Posts: 198
1 4 Jul 2010

A corporate-funded think tank has accused the operator of the Melbourne Zoo of using taxpayer funds to run a political campaign.

Zoos Victoria has been collecting signatures to petition for compulsory labelling of palm oil in Australian food products.

The Institute of Public Affairs has released a report which questions the accuracy of the campaign's comments about the palm oil industry's effects on rainforests and orangutan populations.

I agree with what Zoos Victoria has said, they have every right to campaign.

RaV3N RaV3N WA Posts: 2152
2 4 Jul 2010
That's just ridiculous!!

3 4 Jul 2010
erm.. doesn't the australia zoo do anti poaching campaigns?

this is just stupid.

Hitler Hitler Iraq Posts: 465
4 5 Jul 2010
Yes very weird Australia Zoo dose alot of conservation work hmmm might be a money issue

Ancksu Ancksu SA Posts: 190
5 5 Jul 2010
That "think tank" business amuses me. Those people have no idea about what really goes on outside they're humble little office doors. Plus they are heavily biased in their accusations and statements solely because of their sponser's influence...