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Hiking 3000km Across NZ - Vegan Style

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TKC TKC SA Posts: 19
1 9 Aug 2010
I don't know what the forum policy is, but I will see how I go posting this anyway as I feel it may be of some value to the community.

In November I will be commencing New Zealand's Te Araroa Track. It's a 3000km tramp (Kiwi speak for "hike") from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island. It'll take me 5-6 months.

I'm doing it to achieve a person goal foremost, but also intend to shout (tactfully) the gospels of veganism along the way. More specifically, show that such a thing can be done without eating animal products.

I asked Animals Australia for some publicity but they were unfortunately unable to provide me with any - they get tonnes of requests, it's their policy not to; I appreciate that.

If you'd like to follow my journey (It would be much appreciated) go here:



Jesse Jesse VIC Posts: 1117
2 9 Aug 2010
Unleashed Admin
Nice work Paul. I hope it all goes well for you! I'll be keeping an eye on your blog wink

Mondayschild Mondayschild WA Posts: 1452
3 9 Aug 2010
Will definitely follow your journey happy Good luck!

ZoolNerd ZoolNerd NSW Posts: 1005
4 9 Aug 2010
I think thats a great Idea. The biggest issue I and many out there have to face is Omni's claiming we are unfit,pale,sick without meat. Maybe try Sunrise on channel Seven? They replied to all our comments on the circus issue so they might help you get some publicity. Try other morning channels too.

Goodluck and I will be watching in interest!

TKC TKC SA Posts: 19
5 9 Aug 2010
Thanks for your support guys.

@Zool - I have taken your suggestion and emailed Sunrise et al. Thanks. happy