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A Horse and His ball

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Ruin Ruin VIC Posts: 198
1 17 Aug 2010

Randomzz Randomzz United States Posts: 144
2 17 Aug 2010
Hahha, that was cute when he rolled over.

xx Melinda xx xx Melinda xx VIC Posts: 40
3 17 Aug 2010
Haha, that is soooo cute!!!!! Love it!! laugh

meh meh NSW Posts: 2674
4 17 Aug 2010
Aww! Adorable. I hope he didn't sustain any injuries =(

ZoolNerd ZoolNerd NSW Posts: 1005
5 18 Aug 2010
BEAUTIFUL!! I never was a "horse" girl, but now I have a window over looking a paddock that has some beautiful horses in it. Its so nice getting breakfast and looking at the horses eating their breakfast too ecstatic

Not to meation there is a black swan always in a dam ecstatic