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Accidentally Vegan

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Unleashed Unleashed VIC Posts: 17
1 16 Apr 2009
OK. Here are some of our favourite 'accidentally vegan' foods! happy

Oreos (original)
Nana's Lite Frozen Apple Pies
Praise Lite Mayo + Dijonaise

What else can we add to the list?

_Matt _Matt VIC Posts: 1567
2 22 Apr 2009

Jesse Jesse VIC Posts: 1117
3 22 Apr 2009
Unleashed Admin
Gravox traditional gravy is also vegan!

mmm chips with gravy  thumb

Nathanael Nathanael VIC Posts: 211
4 22 Apr 2009
Black and gold gingernuts
Arnotts Strawberry Shortcake and Lemon Crisp
Arnotts BBQ Shapes

(some of these are recent eg. shapes, some of them I haven't checked lately. )

Kayla Kayla WA Posts: 39
5 22 Apr 2009
blue corn chips mmmhappy and salsa!

Kayla Kayla WA Posts: 39
6 22 Apr 2009
and hobnobshappy

Jesse Jesse VIC Posts: 1117
7 22 Apr 2009
Unleashed Admin
Aeroplane Quick Set Jelly!

RaV3N RaV3N WA Posts: 2152
8 22 Apr 2009
I was so excited when I heard Oreo's were vegan! I thought with the cream center that would have ruined that!

Oh and Starburst Jelly Beans! The only Jelly Beans I eat!

A wild Kristy-Lee appears! A wild Kristy-Lee appears! QLD Posts: 18
9 23 Apr 2009
i've been a vegan for 8 or 9 (give or take) years now..
so i know it's hard being 100% on what you're going to eat is vegan.

this is my research thus far, correct me or add your own info -

chupachups - possible the best lollis of all time..

are chupa chups lollipops suitable for vegetarians?
yes, vegans can enjoy our fruity variety and cola flavour lollipops anytime, anywhere..
creamy & yoghurt lollipops assortments are not, they contain dry ingredients of animal origin!

as for oreos - i read the packet today and found out that the cookies were made on a factory that handles animal products.
so morally i do not consume them, but i guess there are all different strands of vegetarians and vegans.

just like the age old question of honey; is it, or isn't it?

ahh skittles - contains milk i think.. or was it egg?

just remember kids - read carefully, be prepared to do some squinting wink

A wild Kristy-Lee appears! A wild Kristy-Lee appears! QLD Posts: 18
10 23 Apr 2009
also - jelly, that's a no - no. gelitine, that's in most candy products. and of course in jelly!
it's made from animal hoofs.

and gravy? is that a moral thing? it just seems a little weird to be eating something so similar or created to sound similar to a product that vegans are against..
i'm odd though, i wont even touch Vacon.. ha.

um same with bbq pizza shapes.. the flavor.

most original potato chips are vegan, watch for milk solids though.
but pringles original are vegan!! praise the lord ha.

i don't know about all those other cookies and such, but i'll be sure to research them soon.


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