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Vet Science at Charles Sturt

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Steph* Steph* NSW Posts: 49
1 24 Aug 2010
Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone knows much about the new (ish) vet science course at Charles Sturt University in Wagga - I haven't been able to find out much about their animal ethics policies, cadaver sources, and whether they have a conscientious objection policy (requesting alternatives to terminal surgeries) etc.
Also the course description states you need to have "an interest in, and commitment to, rural Australia, veterinary science and animal production". The only interest I have in animal production is obviously the welfare of these animals - not sure whether that is really the same thing though. So it may not be for me.

ZoolNerd ZoolNerd NSW Posts: 1005
2 24 Aug 2010
If you want to study animals maybe try a B science and major in Zoology or study a B of Zoology . Im studying a B zoology in UNE. Its a distance course and is all about animal function, conservation and behaviour.

its the only zoology course is Australia!

Maybe try animal science too? But If I was you id stay away from rural science. Its more about farming production and exploitation of animals for human consumption. Not what we want happy

Veterinary is excellent but so hard to get into (I dont know, you might be a genius) But its harder than Bachelor of Surgery... and Law.

So there is alot of animal subjects out there.. have a look! happy Goodluck

Steph* Steph* NSW Posts: 49
3 25 Aug 2010
Thanks! I believe I have the right marks for Vet Science but you're right it is hard to get into, and even with good marks still extremely competitive.
I think I'll give CSU a miss, it just doesn't sound right to me and there are other schools that don't have this focus.
Also the Zoology course looks really great, I think I'll put this down as an option too - what sort of career are you hoping this will help you with/get you into?