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Animal rights themed photoshoot

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Vegan Zombie. Vegan Zombie. SA Posts: 130
1 28 Aug 2010
Hey guys :3
I havent been on here in a while, but I need ideas and I figured this would be the best place to find them. happy

I'm currently studying to be a photographer, and I recently had an idea to mix my passion for photography and my passion for animals into one.

My basic idea is to get a large group of people, and take single shots of each person out on the street, in parks, in all different regular places, each holding up a cardboad sign with a statistic or fact about veganism, or animals. Be it about cruelty, the environment, or health.

Along the lines of "one person going veg*n saves over 100 lives each year" and so on.

Basically, my idea is to create a series of these photos and hopefully pass on a message that all different types of people are veg*n, its not unhealthy and its totally worth it.

- So, I've come to ask, if anyone can give me a hand with some facts and statistics that would be good to write on these signs. happy I've been googling but surprisingly couldnt find a whole lot.

ALSO. If anyone is in Adelaide and would like to be a part of this project, please let me know. happy

Poppy Popstar Poppy Popstar VIC Posts: 37
2 28 Aug 2010
Excellent idea!!  I've just been doing the same thing on the subject of rabbit related cruelty and will be posting photos soon on my website.  My plan is just based on rabbit issues but a series of all animal rights subjects would be fabulous as a photography folio!  

I think I saw the idea on the Ellen website (I think - that's what gave me the idea for my campaign).  

Just ask people to make a statement on what they want to say and include an animal in the photo. It will be fun!

carinaforkeeps carinaforkeeps NSW Posts: 484
3 28 Aug 2010
sounds like a great idea happy good luck, and be sure to post it here once you're done for us all to see!

i'll have a think of some facts/quotes!