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What Does Tofu Taste Like To You?

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- Kitty Freak - - Kitty Freak - SA Posts: 1071
31 8 Sep 2009
it tastes not so great by its self to me.. tongue

When soems is all like "tofu looks gross!" i say well yeah so does raw chicken when its not cooked doesnt it..(it looks gross after its cooked to me too, i just try to make a point lol"

i use silken tofu for brownies and cookies and such. i dont often use the big blocked stuff, i suck at cooking it right. biophiliacs dad makes the best tofu dish >.<

i usually buy pre marinated tofu for pizza and rice etc. happy

I should learn to cook it some other way..
i wouldnt mind trying smoked tofu though! ecstatic

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