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year 12 exams

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Natalya Natalya VIC Posts: 14
11 16 Sep 2010
haha i've calmed down... slightly happy i was actually planning on doing more than 6 hours but got massive judgement for it :| stressing is so unnecessary though, thankyou all!

Chip Chip VIC Posts: 168
12 16 Sep 2010
Yeah, I've gotta do my exams too. *sigh* But I think it really depends on your concentration and motivation. I know I am a VERY easily distracted person; when I try to study, I get up every ten minutes and start looking through the cupboards for something to eat, usually I come back with a pocket-full of almonds and work for another ten minutes and it just keeps going on...

So I've done a list of schedules for study each day starting at 10:45am (not too early, not too late) take an hour break for lunch, an hour break for dinner and stop at 10:30pm and have free time. I also like to start with something that helps me concentrate without feeling like I'm doing something totally boring. For example, I usually sit and draw/paint for half an hour to get myself into a focussed mood, but you could do a sudoku or something that you like doing.

But anyway, don't stress, we'll get through it!! I think you shouldn't tie yourself into spending ALL of your time studying, especially if you're a REALLY social person (I'm a hermit so I have no trouble spending a whole day at home working) make sure you don't suffocate yourself. happy

Ellim Ellim United Kingdom Posts: 480
13 16 Sep 2010
This is my biggest study tip EVER:

It's Pomodoro technique, during which you work for 25 minutes solid and then take 5 minutes break.  Using this technique got me though VCE, A Bachelor's with Honours and a Master's.  And, I'm about to start my Ph.D and am planning on using it again!

Here are my other tips:
1. Listen to your natural rhythm.  Sometimes your body might work the best between 11pm and 3am, or between 4am and 10am.
2. Don't push yourself as hard as you can for a long as you can, because you will burn out.  Some people can hack 10 hour days of study, some people can't.
3. Don't just aim for the 'lowest possible'.  Yes, it is possible to move between universities and between courses, but it's much easier if you just go into the course you want to finish (if you know what that is, which, at this stage, you should not feel terrible about if you don't).  If you know you want to go to uni, but don't know what you want to do, start a Bachelor of Arts and take a wide range of subjects - it will give you the most scope to move around.  Plus: you never know what other people are going to do.  The 'clearly in' enter scores from the previous year are not necessarily indicative of what they will be in the current year.  You never know who else is going to apply...  
4. Take regular breaks.  Stay healthy.  Go for walks (even if it's just around the room!). If you're a regular reader, make sure you keep reading NON-SCHOOL books!  
5. If you start feeling guilty when not studying, make weekly or daily plans and INCLUDE rest time.  Make sure you take it.
6. If you're tired, go to bed.  The worst thing you can do is overload on caffeine because you'll get your whole rhythm out of whack.
7. Prioritise!  And, if you need to - make lists!

Your body knows how it wants to work and what it needs.  Listen to it.

Good luck all who are gearing up for exams!

...2 ...2 WA Posts: 2307
14 16 Sep 2010
Natalya said:
current/past year 12's - studying over term 3 holidays; how much?

i thought i was being realistic, but apparently not. now i'm really, really stressed and please help sad

how much should you study each day? and what about on the weekend? and how strict should you be about going out, and how often?

eek :|
Omigod. I'm in year 12, preparing for exams. One of my teachers told me to do three hours for each exam subject per night. I was like :S "Dude, I wouldn't finish until seven the next morning, assuming I studied nonstop, and didn't eat, sleep or talk to anyone."

Just work your ass off, but try to stay relaxed. Apparently when studying you should take a ten-fifteen minute break every 45 minutes to reach optimum concentration and stuff-sinking-in-ness. =)

april-san april-san QLD Posts: 368
15 17 Sep 2010
I've just done my end-of-term 3 Year 12 exams, and I kinda neglected to revise until an hour before for most of the exams... :S
But I've gotten most of my marks back, and I did fine-ish.
In my opinion, a smaller amount of quality studying is better than loads of studying when you're tired and overworked and nothing is sinking in properly.

Natalya Natalya VIC Posts: 14
16 18 Sep 2010
ecstatic yay you guys are making me feel more normal haha.

my original plan was to try and get about 8/9 hours done a day and do most of before dinner because after that, my brain goes to bed happy

i was going to first try to study in 2 hour blocks because i want to get my body used to concentrating for an exam length block and see how it goes... thoughts?

i'm planning on keeping up the exercise/eating well and taking it easier on weekends, but still keeping some sort of study happening.

also glad that i'm a hermit - going out won't be an issue for me, i'm happy to live in my cave happy

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