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Kyle Sandiland's and Jackie-O controversy

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Nathanael Nathanael VIC Posts: 211
1 29 Jul 2009


(I'll give my opinion later on I don't wanna taint the thread to much just yet).

Edit: Maybe consider not reading this thread/link if you're a.) young (this is up to you to decide), b.) have any personal experience with sexual abuse.

Frenzal bop Frenzal bop SA Posts: 778
2 29 Jul 2009
f**k kyle and jackie-o.

I hate them and found it so funny when jay and the doctor owned them a few years back.

They should be taken off the air.

Kirrilly Kirrilly VIC Posts: 2092
3 29 Jul 2009
What sort of a sick, twisted parent would do that to their kid, knowing what she's been through? And to ask her that question? The kid obviously didn't want to be there. The mum sounded like a total bogan. Yuck, glad she's not my mum.

ckimana ckimana NSW Posts: 2545
4 30 Jul 2009
Look, I don't blame Kyle and Jackie O. Kyle's question afterwards definately wasn't appropriate, but they were both caught off guard and in his position he would usually continue questions no matter how awkward. And the radio manager did stop the show immediately afterwards.

Obviously, it's the mothers fault for even taking her daughter on there when obviously the daughter didn't want to be there (but also the show's error in allowing it). And the mother knew about the rape and still continued to ask questions about her sexual experiences and "smile" and think "it was funny". She obviously predicted the outcome. I feel for the kid.

I think it also proves they shouldn't do a segment on things involving drugs, sex, whatever without having qualifications.

Vegetation Vegetation NSW Posts: 349
5 30 Jul 2009
What the &*$%  Mum!!??!!!

I would NEVER subject my child to that no matter how much trouble she was getting into, even if I didn't know about the fact that she was raped, let alone if I did!!!

Plus why are they even allowed to hook up teenagers to a lie detector test when they so obviously don't consent? The whole thing is just wrong.

Riley Riley NSW Posts: 15
6 30 Jul 2009
ckimana said:
Look, I don't blame Kyle and Jackie O.

Obviously, it's the mothers fault for even taking her daughter on there when obviously the daughter didn't want to be there (but also the show's error in allowing it).
I agree. I'm shocked that any mother would take her child on air and ask her that question when she knew that her daughter had gone through that. scared

Aside from Kyle's initial response (which I suspect he didn't even think through before spitting out), I thought Jackie did a good job of trying to make up for a terrible situation.

Nathanael Nathanael VIC Posts: 211
7 30 Jul 2009
So, firstly, I'd never want anything to with either of these human beings. I don't like the way they act, the way they treat and the way they try and prey on people (like 14 year old girls?!) for a cheap laugh.
But aside from that, the things that offended me the most were.
1. Laughing at someone not giving consent to a lie detector test (both of them did as far as I can tell).
2. Continuing to talk ON AIR and say the girls name ON AIR after she said what she said. It felt like the only thing they were trying to do was salvage a little bit of dignity for themselves at the expense of the girl.

3. Kyle Sandiland's trying to defend himself after wards in some entertainment blog that he gets PAID to write.

If chaser can get kicked off the air for 2 weeks, surely this counts as 2 years? Please? I'll help them find new jobs if I never have to hear from them again...

- Kitty Freak - - Kitty Freak - SA Posts: 1071
8 30 Jul 2009
what a f**king BITCH!

her mother KNEW she had been raped yet would still ask her that? what a f**king total bitch!

Thats so low. And the mother was smiling after she asked the question? she should bloody leave her mums care. thats just horrible.

_Matt _Matt VIC Posts: 1567
9 30 Jul 2009
I definitely think the girl's mum is more to blame than Kyle and Jackie.

I think when people are caught so off guard like that it's very hard to judge if their reactions were right or wrong. I think Jackie probably did the right thing though.

Nathanael Nathanael VIC Posts: 211
10 30 Jul 2009
Oh i just sort of took at as a given that the mother was "to blame". But I mean, she was the train wreck, they were the ones broadcasting it... hoping for a train wreck.. then they got a slightly too intense train wreck and we're like "oh whoops we never thought that would happen".
Clearly any mother who forces her daughter to take a lie detector test is messed up in the head.

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