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fundraising idea ?

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hayley la BAM ?! hayley la BAM ?! VIC Posts: 110
1 25 Sep 2010
so i just came up with this idea, though i have to say it's the wrong time of year to think of it, but still. i was browsing this ebay store ( ) and thought that it would be great to have a fundraiser where we sell chocolates and other such things, and the chocolates in the shape of the many animal molds that this store has =) but considering the time of the year, i don't think it would go too well now, but it's always a great thing for later on, when it starts getting colder again. and since i would absolutely LOVE to be involved, and i came up with it, it would most likely have to be in brisbane, since that's where i'll be that time next year. and we could have all sorts of information and such on factory farms and such. and of cause it will be a vegan chocolate that we'd use too. =)
what does everyone think?

TofuUnleashed TofuUnleashed TAS Posts: 986
2 25 Sep 2010
Yum Yum!!! laugh