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100s of thousands of camels to be aerial slaughtered!

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Vegan4Animals Vegan4Animals VIC Posts: 63
1 28 Sep 2010
I am on a mission to try to stop the aerial slaughter of 60,000 camels next July and some 100s of thousands of camels over the next 4 years doomed for the same gruesome death. The most experienced marksmen cannot possibly shoot a fatal blow to that many animals which results in many of them suffering in agony for days on end.

Camels were introduced into Australia in the 19th century for transport to help build railroads and other monuments, when they were no longer needed, they were just let loose where they flourished in the outback.

Last year the Government secretly had 10s of thousands of camels slaughtered and just left on the ground to rot, their rotting carcasses polluted the waterways causing more damage to the environment than the camels would have had they been left to live.

You can help me help these docile animals by signing this petition I have created Its aim is to urge the Government to introduce contraception to the camels to stop them from breeding. The more they are killed, the more the camels will have the urge to breed.

Other ways you can help is by writing to the Ministers to express your disgust at the aerial cull, please send your letters to; Prime Minister Gillard at, Minister for Sustainability and environment Tony Burke at  , the Minister for Tourism  
and Greens senator Bob Brown at

Thank you for your help,