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Sneaky spring rolls

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AmeliaJ AmeliaJ QLD Posts: 164
21 1 Oct 2010
I've been to this fantastic Yum Cha place a couple of times in Sydney and the food is amazing but unfortunately the language barrier makes it hard- we asked for "vegetarian" or "vegetable" and they kept bringing me either seafood dishes or giant plates of greens (the greens were amazing btw, but I needed more than a plate of greens!)  it took over an hour for them to figure out what I was after...... even then I got my family to test it for me.... I think "vegetarian" must sometimes translate as either (a) contains many vegetables and that (b) fish is not meat, therefore OK.

I later found out there was a vegan yum cha down the road..... better luck next time!  innocent

meh meh NSW Posts: 2674
22 1 Oct 2010
Shorty said:
Tanyaka said:
Yep yep, I ordered a vegetarian pasta from my local pizza shop a few weeks ago. Usually no problem, but I dug in and started eating, even had a few mouth fulls and then stopped and looked and dug around a bit and it was meat in the sauce, not veggies sad I felt so horrible, I had tears in my eyes. My bf and dad were so good about it though, they jumped up and the bf was all ready to call them for me and dad went back and got me a DOUBLE CHECKED veggo one.

I've always had vegetarian spring rolls, since before i was veggo, just coz I don't l ike mystery meat and I never liked seafood so didn't want a shrimp one. So ya, a meaty springroll would suck so bad. sad I loove veggie spring rolls. YUMMM. Might stock up on that vegan one!!
same here, Ive always eaten vegetarian spring rolls.. you should definitely stock up on them they taste sooo good happy I go through a box of 60 in less than a week lol

hmm it seems like most people here have accidentally eaten meat at some point  sad I'm worried that it'll happen to me sometime
My advice is to find someone to taste-test for you if you are unsure... unfortunately the incident where I had fish-tofu, I actually did get my b/f to try them first because they looked a bit weird... he said they were fine... and I was soooo upset when I took a HUGE bite and discovered there was fish in it.
The annoying part was that I should've just asked them to take the meal back as I was given the wrong one in the first place =( I asked for praham tofu (tofu in a peanut sauce), they gave me an entree of fish-tofu ONLY! UGH!

dee2 dee2 QLD Posts: 1
23 22 Apr 2018
Sad that this product does not have the recycling triangle on their inner PLASTIC container...and also includes a huge sheet of loose PLASTIC to wrap the plastic containersad

Splash Splash NSW Posts: 1
24 18 May 2018
Oh that's so gross when that happens isn't it? 'Only' happened to me three times and I've been veggie for years. The first time in a sandwich shop, the guy misheard what I asked for. The other two times at a party. The hostess (a relative) really doesn't care about veggie's and had very little meat free on offer. She pointed me to two veggie options that weren't. The first turned out to be a chicken pie, the second (over a year later)  was the worst, I sunk my teeth into a meat and gravy pasty. Revolting. I'm taking my own food next time.

I hate hosts who don't cater for veggies. The worst thing of all is when the meat eaters eat all the veggie food! angry

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