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Sticky situation

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Llama In A Deckchair Llama In A Deckchair VIC Posts: 10
1 2 Aug 2009
My 8 yr old sister had decided to go vegetarian, but our mum isn't happy with it, saying that "She needs meat because she's still growing" all that crap, and almosts forces her to eat it. I help my sister out by giving her some of my food, showing her where Peta for kids is on the internet (This might sound stupid but would Unleashed be too old for her?), and when she gets a bit upset about mum forcing her, I just suggest to her to refuse the stuff. Mum gets a bit mad when I say "She doesn't have to eat meat if she doesn't want to".
Am I doing the right thing here?

fAeRiEs ArE aFtEr Me fAeRiEs ArE aFtEr Me VIC Posts: 376
2 2 Aug 2009
Absolutely. It's a shame she has to go through something so young, but she's lucky to have your support. When your mother realizes she is serious, maybe she will back off a bit.

Good Luck and dont back down!

_Matt _Matt VIC Posts: 1567
3 2 Aug 2009
Just take down some info off the internet on vegetarian/vegan nutrition... is good as it's an Australian site.

Educate your mum on where she can find all the things that come in meat, like protein, vitamin B12, omega-3 etc in vegetables. Also educate her on what she doesn't know is in meat like hormones and steroids (particularly in chicken) which have links to things such as breast cancer.

If youve got all your info down, i can't see it being a problem. Maybe even think about seeing a vegan dietician if she's still worried - having a Dr on your side, i think, will make things seem a lot less worrying.

ashleigh ashleigh QLD Posts: 57
5 2 Aug 2009
Yes youre defiantly doing the right thing, I personally decided to go veg when I was 8 yrs old, my parents were very supportive even though they were not vegies themselves. It sounds like your mum needs to be educated as well, maybe she is just wrapped up in the typical societal acceptance that eating meat is the right and healthy thing to do. Its a good thing that this world has people like you and your sister who question the incorrect knowledge society pumps into us from such a young age.

RaV3N RaV3N WA Posts: 2152
7 2 Aug 2009
Yay for your sister and double yay for you helping her!

I bet she's glad she has you to turn too when your mum thinks its wrong. But she shouldn't be so surprised since you already are vege... it was sure to rub off on someone eventually right? hehe. If you stand together against your mum she'll cave in eventually. But I agree with Matt, get some info, show her some sites about nutrition and show her that you can still get all you need from meat without it!

I think she might be a little young for the forum, but I'm sure she can sit with you when you're on the boards as she might get confused about some of the topics and you can explain it to her.

Good luck helping pave the way for another vegetarian! happy

Jamison Jamison VIC Posts: 271
9 2 Aug 2009
My sister wanted to go veg. so did my brother. Probably cause of all the 'poor baby chicken' comments i gave them. My sister still ate meat though, and then insisted she was 'half-vegetarian' (This realy annoys me because it makes me out to be a meat eater. I don't eat meat, but with my sister saying she's vegetarian, it makes it look like i'm eating meat too.)

However, good on you for doing it. I'm very glad your sis has gone veg, you just need to keep reminding her why she's doing it happy

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