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work conflict

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gloomyangel gloomyangel WA Posts: 20
1 7 Oct 2010
hmmm, this is my first time posting a topic =D i wasnt sure which section to post this, hope its right spot

anyway, I'm slowly trying to do a transition from Vegetarian to Vegan. I've already cut out egg, milk and honey. But, unfortunately this is a conflict of interest with where i work. I work casual at Boost Juice Bars and they have frozen yoghurt, wraps, banana bread, MILK, protein supplements, honey etc. I have to handle with most of these every-time I work, i mean is it contradicting that i am serving these?  i feel like I am helping and supporting consumers buying these animal by-products. I also feel uncomfortable when scooping the yoghurt and pouring milk.

So now i am considering quitting but I want to find another job first but it's hard getting employed these days, and i also feel bad because summer is coming and the boss really needs my help.
Are there any positions i can apply where i can help out with animals or humanity? without special specific qualifications needed.

oh yeah by the way, is chewing gum and energy drinks Vegan friendly? ><

JaimieCS JaimieCS VIC Posts: 363
2 7 Oct 2010
Some are, some aren't, check the ingredients and look up the additives.

Don't quit your job, making yourself unemployed isn't helping anyone. By all means look for more eco-friendly work but don't quit Boost until you find it.

saRAWRxx saRAWRxx WA Posts: 17
3 8 Oct 2010
Don't quit your job right away because, like you said, it's hard to get others.
Right now is a good time to apply though. Everywhere is looking for Christmas people, then you just make a good impression over Christmas (:
I would stick to boost juice a little longer, just throw your resume in places you might like to work in, not just so you can get out if boost juice, just places that take your interest.

Sorry, the only places I know of that help out animals directly are volunteer work. Good luck finding one though (:

Little_Kitty Little_Kitty United Kingdom Posts: 376
4 8 Oct 2010
You could try and get hospitality work at soul mama or veggie bar or somewhere like that? Or even an environmental shop like atomik green? Are you in melb?

...2 ...2 WA Posts: 2307
5 8 Oct 2010
If you really feel that you MUST quit your job, then don't do so until you've secured a new one. However, I personally wouldn't quit because of that... for example, the place I work sells certain products that are made out of leather. I have to touch these products when I sell them, and that horrifies and disgusts me, but I'm not going to quit because of it. To be frank, it's pretty hard to find work in a vegan industry, especially if you're school age and just working casual, since you're limited mostly to retail, hospitality and the food and beverage industry.
happy Hope that helps.

ckimana ckimana NSW Posts: 2545
6 8 Oct 2010
Hi Angel,

There's no job that will be 100% cruelty free unless you work for a vegan company. Check out Then again, it's not possible to be 100% vegan either. They use animal bits in everything from food to glue.

I understand what you are going thru. I work at a vet clinic and sell meat products, euthanase animals etc. It's hard but the way I look at it is I'm also saving and helping them at the same time. I've also changed most of our food and treats to veg friendly, cruelty free ones.

If you have a say at your current job, try and to substitute some of those products or introduce more veg stuff. But I'm not sure how Boost works, so not sure if it's possible.

If you're not happy def look around, but you'll probably find that no matter what job you go for you will still be handing some kind of animal by-product.

Good luck! happy

gloomyangel gloomyangel WA Posts: 20
7 11 Oct 2010
Little_Kitty said:
You could try and get hospitality work at soul mama or veggie bar or somewhere like that? Or even an environmental shop like atomik green? Are you in melb?
yeah i was thinking of that, but other veg bars sell animal by-products anyway =( and im kind of sick of hospitality/ drinks Lol and by the way I'm not from Melb, from Perth.

and for everyone else thanks for your tips=] i have applied a few places and since holidays are coming soon i think i have hope, i applied at a card shop and they called so hopefully i get it! =)

Brendon Brendon NSW Posts: 1212
8 11 Oct 2010
I work at Coles.
I've recently been upgraded from cashier to manager but regardless I still handle animal products and work in an environment surrounded by them.
I don't think I'm hurting my moral/ethic values working here if anything I'm helping them.
I'm not purchasing the animal products at the store; all I'm purchasing from here is vegan foods.
I'm doing active vegan outreach by helping people with recipes which are veg friendly and allergy friendly. It's very rewarding.
I'm stripping down stereotypes amongst my co-workers who realize that I'm normal; not a freak.
Don't quit your job over it.

Mondayschild Mondayschild WA Posts: 1452
9 11 Oct 2010
I don't think that there are many jobs that don't have aspects which won't conflict with our morals or beliefs. I really don't think you should quit your job over it, unless of course you are really unhappy there.

april-san april-san QLD Posts: 368
10 11 Oct 2010
I quit my job at a takeaway place because of the meat. I'd been there for about a year and a half before I went vegetarian, and worked there for another year until I quit. Almost everything there contained some sort of meat, but the thing that really bothered me was the chickens. We sold roast chickens, and what with having pet chickens and being vegetarian, it started to really bother me having to pack and sell them.
I haven't gotten around to having another job... I could maybe handle other animal products, but the dead chickens were just too much for me.
Don't make a decision too quickly, spend a lot of time weighing up the pros and cons of your job.

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