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Jamie Oliver

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Vegetation Vegetation NSW Posts: 349
1 3 Aug 2009
Is anyone planning on watching this? I want to have it on so I can make the omniverous other half sit through it (that being said, I made him sit through the chicken one. It made me cry and strengthened my resolve but he continues to eat chicken~at least it made him realize free range is far better than the regular chicken that's sold).

It's on Channel 10 on Wednesday at 9:30.

- Kitty Freak - - Kitty Freak - SA Posts: 1071
2 3 Aug 2009 this the pig one?

im kind of scared to >.< i mean i he killed a chicken in the 'fowl dinners' one and so i can only be led to believe hes going to do it again this time..


Vegan Zombie. Vegan Zombie. SA Posts: 130
3 3 Aug 2009
- Vegan Freak - said: this the pig one?

im kind of scared to >.< i mean i he killed a chicken in the 'fowl dinners' one and so i can only be led to believe hes going to do it again this time..

Seconded.. sad
All he was trying to say in the fowl dinners one is something like the meat is better if the chickens have a better life or something like that. I can't really remember, but he was saying how he believes they are just animals with no rights etc etc. Then proceeded to slaughter a chicken and gas a group of baby chicks to death.

Somehow I feel that this one isn't going to be much different.

_Matt _Matt VIC Posts: 1567
4 3 Aug 2009
If anyone can get a family member or friend to watch this, it might just take them off pork forever - and maybe all animal products too.

It's going to be hard to watch, but I'm sure not as bad as other videos such as the PETA investigation into one of the pig factory farms - which included sows being raped with iron bars, belted on the back with polls, toxically spray painted directly into the eyes and piglets smashed onto the ground. It was the hardest thing I've seen in my whole life - I don't know the PETA investigators are able to film it... but damn... they're amazing people that we should all be thankful for.

So, I don't know if the slaughter itself will be the hardest part to watch, I think seeing the sow stalls , the piglets being castrated and the gestation crates will be the hardest bits to watch.

If we don't watch, I doubt our family members will. There is also a chance that people from school may watch this program -- if they're as horrified as we think they'll be, we will probably be the first people they will come to on Thursday to ask what they can do about it.

Try to get everyone you know who isn't veg to watch it is my advice.

april-san april-san QLD Posts: 368
5 3 Aug 2009
For defs watching it. I am going to try to re-learn how to use the VCR (yes I still have one of those) and tape it. And get my friends to watch it.
It'll be so sad seeing those little piggies in pain.

Teweesa! Teweesa! NSW Posts: 95
6 3 Aug 2009
I'll be watching it. I've never been a big fan of Jamie Oliver (because personally I think he's a bit of a tool), but it will be interesting to watch nonetheless. I'm just hoping it will change my opinion of him, and not make me hate him more.

Vegetation Vegetation NSW Posts: 349
7 3 Aug 2009
I still can't decide. I think I'll probably try to sit through it just so the other half will watch it with me! I hope he doesn't go slaughtering a pig. They didn't mention it on the tv ad. Just showed him in a factory farm and the people who owned the place saying something about it being bad for their business if the public ever saw inside or something along those lines (I only caught the very end of it).

I'm going to attempt to get my parents to watch it, but I doubt they will.

Jamison Jamison VIC Posts: 271
8 3 Aug 2009
Is it on in vic? is there any sort of way i can stealth-advertise at school? (aka, leave 50 in the vce center, stack 200 on the printer, slip them into the newspapers [we get like 50 of the age and 50 h.suns delivered every day] and leave them in odd places for bored people to find)

I will be on her thursday night to introduce randoms into the wonderful world that is cruelty-free happy happy happy (if i remember lol)

x.Tara x.Tara NSW Posts: 357
10 3 Aug 2009
PLEASE someone tell that guy about swine flu.

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