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Resistance Inc.

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Cheeza Cheeza QLD Posts: 19
1 22 Oct 2010
Resistance Incorporated is seeking members, any brisbanites wanting to take humane action into there own hands can join. Everything from eco activism to animal welfare, members have the say in what, when and how to act. Its a group for those who are ready to meet weekly and get there hands dirty fighting issues close the their hearts. All ages welcome, for anyone who is passionate and driven.

If your interested in joining drop me a line at

luv Chezza :}

AmeliaJ AmeliaJ QLD Posts: 164
2 22 Oct 2010
Wow this is fantastic! I will drop you a line. Thanks

Cheeza Cheeza QLD Posts: 19
3 22 Oct 2010
No probs darl, I will send you an info pack tomorow via email. Being Incorporated our members are completly apart of the process and running of the organisation. Once I sent the info pack let me know if your interested in being apart of the commitee (ie secretary and such). You sound keen  and ready which is commitee worthy! There will be a commitee meeting being organised very soon so I hope we can see you there!

cheers for quick post honey, expect your info pack tommorow!

Cheeza Cheeza QLD Posts: 19
4 22 Oct 2010
We are also needing volunteer educators and speakers.
The Resistance Inc. goes beyond computer petition and activism, we are a hands on revolt and this is your chance to make a stand face to face beside warriors of a like mind.

meh meh NSW Posts: 2674
5 22 Oct 2010
This sounds fantastic! Wish I were a QLDer! No fair!  sad

carinaforkeeps carinaforkeeps NSW Posts: 484
6 22 Oct 2010
sarahbentvelzen said:
This sounds fantastic! Wish I were a QLDer! No fair!  sad
Me too!

wild child2 wild child2 QLD Posts: 2638
7 22 Oct 2010
I'm in Cheeza!!!!! I'm on the Fraser Coast...

Mean people wear fur Mean people wear fur QLD Posts: 1087
8 23 Oct 2010
I would love too! I'm in QLD! happy

Unfortunately, I am too young to drive (LOL), and I don't think my parents would approve (they don't really see things like I do, or any of us on here, really.) and I doubt they would drive me to a meeting place every week sad

Would you be able to keep me updated?
I'd love to help out in any way I can!

Cheeza Cheeza QLD Posts: 19
9 23 Oct 2010
No problem darl, if your parents approve of coming to our meetings though I am actually looking at doing a pick up and drop off service (free) with my own car as I find that most pple young or not dont have transport which if I didnt have kids to drop off at school i would love to live as so! So there are ways of keeping active with us weekly.

atm we are busy with design and getting membership papers organized. Incorporating is a large task and atm we have very few hands of help due to end of year commitments. I would love to thank you all for your beloved interest and I will get back to you very soon. As I said earlier we are getting a Commitee meeting organized so I will be in touch very soon with info packs and membership forms. Stay keen though it wont take long, The Resistance is going to be a national organisation that aims to get people thinking in many different ways. If you want send me your email address's and I will send info packs as soon as design is complete. Hope to be in touch with you all very soon,keep posted and tell everyone you know as we are recruiting any one and everyone.  

luv chezza :}

MarkM MarkM QLD Posts: 214
10 24 Oct 2010
Now I'm excited, this sounds awesome - will email you

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