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Breaking Vegan?

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Rainbow Fox Rainbow Fox QLD Posts: 91
1 4 Nov 2010
I have been vegan for almost two years now (anniversary on the 7th of November happy), however I know I had a lot of trouble at the start finding things to eat, or having people understand what I could and couldn't eat and it would sometimes result in me breaking vegan.
For example one time when starting out my mum made a meal for me (I was living away from home, so she was so glad to be making me something) and she put a bit of honey in it for sweetener. I felt so bad because she was so proud of herself making a vegan meal for me and so happy to see me home that I ate it anyway.

My Mum now knows all the tricks to vegan cooking, and I never break vegan anymore but I was wondering if there are people out there with similar stories?
I know it certainly was tough back in the day, when first starting out as a vegetarian if I went to someones house who didn't know I was vegetarian all food had meat in it. Options: pick meat out or starve. Thank God that never happens anymore!

Kirrilly Kirrilly VIC Posts: 2092
2 4 Nov 2010
My dad tries so hard.. I take his support for granted sometimes but I'm lucky to have it. But he also has bad eyesight and can't quite read the small ingredients tongue So sometimes he'll buy something with honey, like a breakfast cereal or something, I'll just eat it to be honest. Nobody else will, and I just gently remind him that honey is off the list, then I find his glasses for him.

3 4 Nov 2010
I have had instances where I've ordered something from somewhere, say a burger for example, and specifically stated that I didn't want mayo, and then been served one WITH mayo, as frustrating as it is, I know if I complain and make them remake it, they're just going to throw the burger out, so instead I will just scrape the mayo off and eat the burger.

Being vegan is all about trying your best to avoid animal products, and you can be as strict as you want to be personally, you're doing more for animal rights than the majory, always remember that, and good on you!

Brendon Brendon NSW Posts: 1212
4 5 Nov 2010
There's no such thing as a perfect vegan. Ever.
I've ordered toast without cheese etc before (just toast with tomato LOL) and had them put butter on it. Taken a bite before realizing.
Had honey put into foods and then had it sent back.
Had a pumpkin dish at an Indian restaurant and I asked for it to be cream free and they put milk in it instead! Had a mouthful and then sent it back.
So yeah... It happens to everyone eventually.

wildside-of-natural7 wildside-of-natural7 VIC Posts: 15
5 5 Nov 2010
it happens to everyone, so try not to dwel on it and well done for the two years! happy its really scary thought that its on my!

Rainbow Fox Rainbow Fox QLD Posts: 91
6 5 Nov 2010
wildside-of-natural7 said:
it happens to everyone, so try not to dwel on it and well done for the two years! happy its really scary thought that its on my!
Lets celebrate with A LOT of vegan cake ecstatic

ZoolNerd ZoolNerd NSW Posts: 1005
7 5 Nov 2010
I do try to be vegan most of the time but I slip with cheese every now and then. When im out I eat vegan though and Ive had burgers with mayo and cheese when I said both without.

Once.. EEK. I order a VEGGIE wrap that was PREMADE and it had SALMON on it. I ate fish... One bite and I spat it out and told the waitress it had fish in it, she tried to pass it off as pumpkin.. Funny.. Pumpkin doesnt taste like salty fish... or have lines in it.

I didnt eat there again.

meh meh NSW Posts: 2674
8 5 Nov 2010
I'm usually out with my b/f so if I am given something with butter or whatever, then my b/f eats it, rather than taking it back.

When you ask specifically for something to be off the burger, and then they still put it on... that's extremely frustrating.

Sim and I were eating at a cafe, and I was ordering mushrooms on toast and specifically said 'no butter'. The waitress didn't write it down, so I kept thinking, 'say it again, say it again', but I had faith that this waitress could handle such an order... unfortunately my meal came with lots of butter all over the toast...ARGH! Sim ate it anyway though... so all I had was mushrooms, lol! Thank God they didn't put the mushrooms on top of the toast =)

Mondayschild Mondayschild WA Posts: 1452
9 5 Nov 2010
Being vegan is not about being perfect, it is about not participating in- and actively disencouraging- cruelty, to the best of your ability. At least thats what it is to me. To me its a state of being, a way of thought put into practice. I have picked cheese out of salads and scraped mayo off burgers, it does't mean you have failed if some dairy or egg ever touches your lips, the next meal is another opportunity to make a compassionate choice happy