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omg Japan!!

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animals deserve 2 live 2!! animals deserve 2 live 2!! VIC Posts: 11
1 8 Nov 2010
I was on the internet the other night (on unleashed of course), when i saw an article in japan. in the end i read about this resteraunt which takes fish theyve caught recently from a tank, wrap its head in a wet cloth (not its body) and takes it to the fryer, deep fries its body and serves it!!! while it alive, head up
reply please!!!!

Em the planeteer Em the planeteer SA Posts: 173
2 8 Nov 2010
That's disgusting, but it doesn't surprise me.

Mondayschild Mondayschild WA Posts: 1452
3 8 Nov 2010
Thats so very sad sad Some of the food practices from other cultures can be so shocking. It's hard to imagine that they will ever change, but we can hope, and try our best to spread the message.

Catyren Catyren WA Posts: 542
4 8 Nov 2010
i went to japan on a tour with my high school, we stayed with host families for half of it. one of the boys host families took him to a place where he got served live squid.

V V SA Posts: 248
5 8 Nov 2010
Yes, lots of places in Japan do this.

They also scale them while they are alive, cook them while they are alive, and they eat them while they are gasping for air.

Also, some use the fish, cut the flesh off, making sure they do not get the organs and eat the flesh and put the fish back in the tank, and let it swim around.

Courtney_1 Courtney_1 VIC Posts: 335
6 8 Nov 2010
Oh, that's horrible.  sad

Really, why can't people be more compassionate? >.<

jack jack VIC Posts: 1463
7 8 Nov 2010
i heard some place in australia does it too, but we arent sure
i have seen video of this happening sad

MarkM MarkM QLD Posts: 214
8 8 Nov 2010
On Iron Chef (the Japanese version on SBS I think?) they cooked live soft shelled turtles a few weeks back apparently  sad

april-san april-san QLD Posts: 368
9 9 Nov 2010
Oh my god
I'm going to Japan with my family next year, and Mum has already said that she doesn't want to eat fish there because it could be dolphin (we watched The Cove).

animals deserve 2 live 2!! animals deserve 2 live 2!! VIC Posts: 11
10 13 Nov 2010
thanks 4 all the comments happy