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Vegan Weight Loss

Anyone want to join me?

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meh meh NSW Posts: 2674
21 18 Nov 2010
Aimee said:
Well I know a few people are from Vic on this forum so if you guys want to go for some walks in the city sometime and do a bit of leafleting too that would be really good in aiding our weightloss goals.
Aw! That sounds like fun. Wish I were in Vic happy

Leighbunny Leighbunny VIC Posts: 174
22 18 Nov 2010
I'm in too! I don't need to exercise though,my work is nuts,  I just need help with staying away from sugar!

RaV3N RaV3N WA Posts: 2152
23 18 Nov 2010
Mr K said:
Mr K is all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Not just one kind of shape or size... but several? haha

Jen Jen VIC Posts: 619
24 19 Nov 2010
Oh my gosh! I'm in! I'm in! I'm in!
I don't know if I'm going to make it within the set deadline but I'll try.
Damn all this vegan junk food! ><

Courtney_1 Courtney_1 VIC Posts: 335
25 19 Nov 2010
And to think just today I had a Sweet Williams chocolate bar and chips after school.
Some days, I am absouetly hopeless. >.<
I get so excited to lose weight, eat healthy and do exercise, and then get 'bored' with it - And then a little while later, I start up again!

Imaginary Product Imaginary Product NSW Posts: 142
26 19 Nov 2010
Don't be too hard on yourself courtney_.  There is already heaps of good foods ruined by the seemingly pointless inclusion of dead animals, milk or eggs,  You can't deprive yourself of every indulgence.

I am pretty sure that only plain red rock deli chips are vegan - the lime and black pepper definitely have milk solids and I think the salt and vinegar does too, but I am not 100% sure on that.  Not all vinegar is vegan either, so you would probably need to check with the company for details that specific.  I like the plain well enough to not risk the salt and vinegar.

Today was good for me foodwise.  Had a bit to drink tonight though.

Akasha213 Akasha213 VIC Posts: 227
27 19 Nov 2010
I would love to join in.
If only i was in Vic. For more reasons than just this!!
I really need motivation to exercise.

JaimieCS JaimieCS VIC Posts: 363
28 19 Nov 2010
Best thing you can do for weight loss is cut out out alcohol.

seriously, look up how much energy is in booze....

Aimee Aimee VIC Posts: 957
29 20 Nov 2010
JaimieCS said:
Best thing you can do for weight loss is cut out out alcohol.

seriously, look up how much energy is in booze....
Well...that might apply to people who actually drink lol but what about the rest of us!
Actually I know what I need to do, it's just a matter of being confident and motivated enough to do it. And having friends to exercise with would be a huge help!

carinaforkeeps carinaforkeeps NSW Posts: 484
30 20 Nov 2010
I'm in!
I want to lose 3kgs before New Years happy

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