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Your 'Light Bulb' Moment

What inspired you to go veg?

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Unleashed Unleashed VIC Posts: 17
1 17 Apr 2009
Lots of people say they had a 'light bulb' moment, you know, when everything just 'clicks'. Some people suddenly realise that they would never eat their pet -- so why eat a lamb (or chicken, or a pig)? Others say they were shocked to learn that meat-eating causes more greenhouse gases than all the world's transport combined!

Are you veg? If so, what was your 'light bulb' moment? Did you switch instantly, or was it a gradual change? Everyone's story is different, and we want to hear yours!

Ward Ward VIC Posts: 94
2 17 Apr 2009
My 'light bulb moment' occurred when animal cruelty was staring me blank in the eye - a graphic video that depicted the real lives and deaths of animals. For all those Goldfinger fans (the band, not the strip club!), it was the album Open Your Eyes which it made me do. From that day forward I knew I wanted to help animals and here I am today - helping to coordinate the best thing that's happened to Australia - unleashed

_Matt _Matt VIC Posts: 1567
3 22 Apr 2009
My light bulb moment was coming into contact with a farm animal (calf) for the first time. It had such a great personality! Right then and there, it just "clicked." - Why would I ever want to eat something so beautiful as this? This inspired me to research into the way farm animals live... I am! A vegan for just over 1 year!

Karen Karen Australia Posts: 993
4 22 Apr 2009
Unleashed Admin
Matt.Y said:
here I am! A vegan for just over 1 year!
Woo! Happy anniversary, Matt.Y happy

Jesse Jesse VIC Posts: 1117
5 22 Apr 2009
Unleashed Admin
I've always hated violence. About 8 years ago I made the connection - meat is an animal killed for my taste buds  idea - and I didn't want any part of it. Going vegan was the best choice I've ever made!

xluckyscrubs13x xluckyscrubs13x VIC Posts: 7
6 22 Apr 2009
I didn't have a lightbulb moment.

I went on camp with a girl who was vegetarian and it put the idea in my head I guess. And from then on I've just gradually stopped eating meat.  Now fully vegetarian and don't think I'll ever revert back happy

StryK StryK NSW Posts: 8
7 23 Apr 2009
My light bulb moment occurred when I watched a very graphic video showing the slaughter and torture of animals in and out of Australia, and I had tried to explain to my dad why it was such a bad thing. It clicked when I said to him, 'well you wouldn't eat our dog, so why eat a chicken? If we had the chicken as a pet would you eat it?' sadly, his reply was yes, but still I've continued to use that as my argument whenever somebody has questioned my diet.

Zanthie Zanthie NSW Posts: 2
8 23 Apr 2009
My "Light Bulb Moment" happened in 2005.

I was at uni taking intro to ethic class. One week we discussed animal ethics. What animals do we relate to and include in our daily lives and if they should be given rights. It was then that i realised that animals all fight for their own survival. They all run from pain and do their best to live their lives the best they know how.

I then realised the harm I was doing, hurting animals and the environment, just by eating meat. I basically changed to vegetarian straight away. I stopped for a yr and am now back on track.

I am trying to go vegan, and am going through it slowly so as not to freak out my boyfriend (he still eats meat). I have started with they soy milk and am going to try something different every month until he realises what has happened...

yes typical female scheming lol

tofupower tofupower NSW Posts: 54
9 23 Apr 2009
I didn't have a 'light bulb moment' but more of a serious of events that led to me becoming a vegetarian.
First started when I went fishing with my family and couldn't stand watching the fish slowly suffocate ):  I soon boycotted fishing
Second event was when I saw an advertisement for an animal circus. I knew this was wrong, so i started researching and telling my friends.
This then led to me researching other animal welfare issues such as animal testing and factory farming and once I'd learned the truth I knew I had to go veg.
I always thought I loved animals, but when I look back I realise that you can't eat something you love.


Reece Reece VIC Posts: 6
10 23 Apr 2009
In a year 11 class my philosophy teacher told us a story about his friend who once got a job in a pig abattoir. He had the job of stunning the pigs before slaughter. He had to resign after two days because he couldn't stand the sights and sounds of intense fear in the animals, and the aura of trepidation it created. It was this story which really fueled my interest in farm animals and an awareness of their plight. I now choose not to be involved in any of it.

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