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What made you become vegetarian/vegan?

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Heather. Heather. QLD Posts: 230
1 25 Nov 2010
Hi Im Heather and Im thinking about becoming vegetarian yet it is hard due to circumstances at the moment, I was just wondering what influenced you to become vegetarian or vegan and how did you begin?

Clud Clud VIC Posts: 1559
2 25 Nov 2010
You should watch earthlings happy
EDIT:Actually wait if you cant be veg just yet then you shouldn't.

StephyA StephyA VIC Posts: 329
3 25 Nov 2010
I grew up on a farm that brought up steers for meat. I even received a calf on my 10th birthday to be sold at a later date and I got the profits. Mum did that for all the kids. I didn't even blink an eyelid back then.

I have always loved animal though. Three years ago these thoughts just starting popping up in my brain. I don't know for what reason or what caused them per se. I started thinking how it doesn't seem right that some animals are considered pets and not for eating and some are considered edible. I had known for a while that pigs were very intelligent animals, all the sudden it just clicked. How can I eat an animal that is considered more intelligent than dogs? Then I started researching on the internet. The more I read about how the animals are raised the more I knew I couldn't eat them. Then one day I just decided to stop. So I did. I didn't tell anyone about my decision. I didn't really see the point. I figured they would eventually notice and ask me themselves. But no one did. I had three housemates at the time. Only one noticed and she is my best mate. But it took her a month. She went vego after that too. She said she had also been thinking about it for a while. My decision prompted hers.

I just went cold turkey (pun intended). Some people find it easier to gradually stop, slowly removing one meat at a time til there's none left.

Good Luck with your quest to becoming vego. I hope it is successful. It is a process, so don't beat yourself up too much if you can't do it quite yet. From me thinking about doing it to actually doing it was about 3 months.

Arieluxable Arieluxable QLD Posts: 190
4 25 Nov 2010
I was in Year 12 and I was handed a "Save Babe" flyer which prompted me to do some research. As with StephyA, the more I researched, the more my resolve was strengthened until a couple of weeks later I stopped eating meat.

After four years of vegetarianism and further research, it became clear to me that I don't agree with the use of animals in any degree, so about 6 months ago I started phasing out my diary (starting with milk, then cheese, then mayo etc.) and finally about 2.5 months ago I made the complete switch to veganism. The documentary "Earthlings" and the book "Vegan Freak" really gave me the little nudge I needed to stop procrastinating and stand up for what I believe in.

And I'm loving being vegan!

Good luck!

Shorty Shorty QLD Posts: 479
5 25 Nov 2010
Screw your parents. I doubt many of us would be veg*n if we had gotten permission first.

Heather. Heather. QLD Posts: 230
6 25 Nov 2010
Callum said:
You should watch earthlings happy
EDIT:Actually wait if you cant be veg just yet then you shouldn't.
My friend Shorty told me to watch eathlings but Im not ready yet because from what I've heard if I watch it I'll defitnely be motivated to become Vegetarian.

Thanks for the suggestion though happy

Alyssa Alyssa VIC Posts: 296
7 25 Nov 2010
I can't remember exactly. I remember being aware of the term "factory farming" but not of what it meant or entailed.
Then for some reason when I was 14, I was sitting at the table waiting for my dad to finish barbequing some meat for dinner and I just felt like I shouldn't eat it. I loved the taste of meat, and when it was set down before me it didn't repulse me. I just didn't want to eat it. So I didn't.
The next day when I went back to my mum's house I told her I was becoming a vegetarian. I remember feeling really nervous about telling her and tried a couple of times that day before actually saying it. I told her it was because  had seen footage online of how they were treated and that was why I wouldn't eat meat anymore. It was such a strange feeling, because I felt like I had to justify myself, so I lied about the footage.
Over the next few weeks I did research how the animals were treated in factory farms etc, and that definitely made me realize becoming veg was the right decision. But I just remember the initial urge was before finding out about how animals are treated, which I still find strange. Strange because I don't remember being particularly passionate about animals at that point in time. Not that I didn't love animals, just that I wasn't as emotionally connected to the cause as I am now.
I had flirted with the concept of vegetarianism before I actually became vegetarian as well. One of my friends was vegetarian and she told me to go veg and I was like "yeah, i will!", but I soon forgot about it.....until about a year later that is.
Anyway after that refusing the bbq I just never ate meat again. It was surprisingly easy considering how much i enjoyed meat. Becoming vegan was a transitional thing for me though. It took me about a month to become vegan. I kept slipping up with mint slice biscuits! Haha.

Anyway good luck with becoming veg! My parents were extremely supportive of my choice, so it was quite easy for me. But if you can't until you move out, that is understandable. Definitely don't watch Earthlings right now, unless you are prepared to go against your parents. I saw that movie about 2 years after becoming vegetarian and it was just a horrific experience. I couldn't watch it all. It was so heartbreaking.

StephyA StephyA VIC Posts: 329
8 25 Nov 2010
Can I also add that I went vego a month before Christmas. Man was that hard! My favourite meat when I was omni was Turkey. I was a good girl though. And it was so funny. I'm sitting there with my massive Irish/Catholic family and not one person noticed I didn't have any meat on my plate. My brother who was sitting next to me even put his eaten chicken drumsticks on my plate, just mucking around and being silly. Hahaha. I left that night with not one person realising. Silly family.

ckimana ckimana NSW Posts: 2545
9 25 Nov 2010
When I turned vegetarian:
I was watching an animal doco where they were being hunted and I cried. All this killing just to feed us.

When I turned vegan:
I was vegetarian for 12 years and it wasn't until I met another vegan who told me about factory/dairy farming. I then did quite a lot of Googling and after that there was no turning back.

ckimana ckimana NSW Posts: 2545
10 25 Nov 2010
I think ppl can be truly ignorant when it comes to animals and food. Lets face it, the Meat/Dairy Corp has been brainwashing us for generations that it is healthy and "the norm".

We never see what conditions the animals live in and how they are slaughtered. Meat comes nicely (ahem) presented in foam trays and doesn't even resemble an animal whatsoever.

But for ppl that have been made aware and choose to ignore are just plain selfish.

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