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Please vote for my friend Amanda!

She adopted a senior dog from a shelter :)

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babynighthawk babynighthawk VIC Posts: 105
1 9 Dec 2010

Please vote for my gorgeous friend Amanda, her video is so heatfelt and she's a big supporter of animal shelters .. unlike the other girl who supports cardstock lol

ShadowDoubt ShadowDoubt QLD Posts: 753
2 9 Dec 2010
Voted! happy

V V SA Posts: 248
3 9 Dec 2010

Em the planeteer Em the planeteer SA Posts: 173
4 10 Dec 2010
I voted happy
I know how Amanda feels, my dog passd away this week. I hope she wins xoxo

babynighthawk babynighthawk VIC Posts: 105
5 11 Dec 2010
Thanks folks! The other girl is actually her room mate, and she's cheating by posting the link on sweepstakes forums and saying she'll return the favour, so people aren't even watching the video. I figure at least here, people would only vote for Amanda if they liked her video best!

MarkM MarkM QLD Posts: 214
6 12 Dec 2010
voted and bumping just because she's coming second by just 6 votes (out of just under 1000).  Hope she wins!

kim. kim. SA Posts: 214
7 12 Dec 2010
Voted (: I hope she wins!

MarkM MarkM QLD Posts: 214
8 12 Dec 2010
If the girl who thinks her best spent $50 of her life was on glitter pens / coloured cardboard manages to beat the adopted dog video, something is very wrong