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Vegan + honey = ?

A little confused..

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...2 ...2 WA Posts: 2307
51 11 Jul 2011
Niko said:
Vegetivorous said:
without them, life on Earth would cease to exist. When considered this way, supporting the production of honey can seem like a positive thing.
You will find that the commercial honey bees do not pollinate plants at the same rate as wild bees. Some problems with the decline of wild bee's have been attributed to the increase in honey production.
Yeah, I can definitely believe that. happy Thanks.

Casper.s2 Casper.s2 SA Posts: 1640
52 11 Jul 2011
the pollution from all these opinions is probably worse. electricity/paper... ? sound clean.

it is a silly thing, it comes down to 'how much you want to be seen as Vegan'.. more than anything... which is irrespective of whether Vegan is ethical.. good or just the better choice in a dilemma (a choice between two equally unfavorable things; i.e. trilemma is 3 things).

'better diet' is only one factor in a better lifestyle.. you can be a Vegan and a complete asshole to people in your life. or ignorant in every other respect.. it isn't very enlightening to debate. honey is interesting though.

MoonMyrrhmaid MoonMyrrhmaid SA Posts: 6
53 18 Jun 2018
What are people's thoughts on the hives that do not require any harming of the bees to harvest?
Basically you extract the honey via tap, in which gravity does the work.
So there is no bees being squashed or smoked. You still need to take care of the bees.
As long as you aren't completely depleting the hive and only just taking what you need at a time I think this would be the most ethical way of having honey and helping bees in the process.
Bee populations are dying out, hell! Even DISAPPEARING with no apparent answers as to why.
I think something like this would actually be a great help.

maya77 maya77 VIC Posts: 3
54 3 Dec 2018
Even though I'm vegan, I still eat honey but I make sure the honey is sustainable and the beekeepers only take the leftover honey and they don't do it too early on in the year. I think vegans should eat honey if they know where and how it is made because bees are very important to the ecosystem

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