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Staying with non-vegan friends

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AshleyHippie AshleyHippie VIC Posts: 44
1 22 Dec 2010
I was invited the other day to visit one of my really old friends and stay with her family in tasmania for a couple weeks.. it only hit me just now that they're most likely not vegan.

I'm thinking I should just pack a lot of snacks and bring money so hopefully I could buy some things down the shop that you can just chuck in the oven for twenty minutes, has anyone else going through this, do you have any suggestions?.

Tanyaka Tanyaka VIC Posts: 1219
2 22 Dec 2010
Soymilk is easy coz it will travel and stay happily in the shelf until using it.

I think the best bet for food... bring some good snacks and when you get there just do a quick shop.. stock up on fruit and if they have room in the freezer maybe some convenience food and get some really good veggie burgers for the fridge or something!

I think it would be okay.. hopefully they have the normal pasta.. rice.. veg.. etc, just ask for your food basic if they are gonna cook for ya happy

TofuUnleashed TofuUnleashed TAS Posts: 986
3 28 Dec 2010
Well, first up you should make sure that they know you are vegan! happy
Bring some money so you can go to coles or woolies (coles is better) and/or a health food store, and get some vegan snacks, and maybe things like pita bread and fake meats (coles and woolies usually sell lots of sanitarium stuff) . Should be in the health food section of woolies and coles. thumb beaverhug Goodluck!

Akasha213 Akasha213 VIC Posts: 227
4 28 Dec 2010
Yep, definitely make sure they know. You dont want to get there and have something meaty prepared for you and have to tell them no.

But even if you let them know first they might still not know what to buy for you so bring a few things that you can travel with and do a shop when you get there.

Good luck. Hope you have fun visiting your friend  happy